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Foreclosure Mill Butler Hosch IMPLODES

What Does This Mean For Your Foreclosure Case?

It’s Deja Vue all over again here in Florida where a foreclosure mill that has tens of thousands of foreclosure cases in the pipeline implodes…taking with them all these cases that are pending.

The situation has been repeated over and over here in Florida, and courts have not held the mills responsible for the chaos this causes.

So here we are again…and the question that we all need to know is how this impacts a consumer’s case.  The simple answer is this can have very dramatic consequences for a consumer and their case.  In the short run it presents very real opportunities to move things forward in a way that is very helpful for consumers.

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Mortgage banking industry law firm Butler & Hosch, P.A. filed an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors to Florida law firm Michael E. Moecker & Associates, an action analogous to Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Butler & Hosch closed their doors this week and laid off the entire staff. It will not open on Monday.

No one at Butler & Hosch could be reached for comment, but HousingWire obtained a copy of the May 14 memo emailed to employees and vendors from Bob Hosch, CEO and Senior Partner at Butler & Hosch confirming the story:

“It is with great sadness that I report to all of you regarding the difficult financial status of Butler & Hosch and its affiliates[1] (“BH”) which has resulted in the filing of the state court Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors (“ABC”). I have voluntarily stepped down as CEO and Senior Partner of BH. The control of the BH companies has been voluntarily placed in the hands of an experienced third-party fiduciary, Mr. Michael Moecker.”


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