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Foreclosure Mediation in Federal Court Offers Much Higher Success Rates

federal-bankruptcyThe statewide foreclosure mediation program in Florida has turned out to be a dismal failure.   There are myriad reasons and the borrower and lenders are both at fault…but the federal program is showing much, much higher success rates….


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  • old guy says:

    “Matthew Weidner, a St. Petersburg lawyer who focuses on foreclosures, said homeowners and lenders are held to higher standards in federal mediation. That is why the state mediation hasn’t been as successful, he added.”

    “There is more of an authority in the federal courts,” Weidner said. “You’re playing in the big leagues.”

    Well said Matt!

    In my opinion Florida state courts often disregard the rights of ordinary citizens in favor of TPTB (The Powers That Be).

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