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Foreclosure Defense Florida


The nuclear bomb has already detonated.   You know that don’t you?   Remember that scene in War Games when the Doomsday clock was ticking away, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 BOOM!

Well, the nuclear bomb called Financial Armageddon went off long, long times ago.   Today we’re all living in the bombed-out completely radiated cities.   If you listen carefully, you can hear all the Geiger counters screaming.   I’m talking of course, not just about foreclosures and housing, but of the world financial system entirely.   Greece and Italy and in fact most of Euro are teetering, borrowing monthly in order to pay the bills.   Banks here in the US have made a dizzying array of bets, both for and against, the coming collapse.   Meanwhile all of Asia suffers as the entire world slips into profound economic distress.

If you’re not scared about what these times hold, you’re simply not awake…..but let’s take a little step back in history just a few short years.   You see, a few years ago there was this blogger named Adolf.   He lived first in Austria, then in Germany where he wrote a popular blog called, which, loosely translated into English means, “I’m Pissed.” A lot of what motivated Adolf to start his blog and to write the post was all the hootin’ and hollerin’ and economic inequality that he saw while he was wandering around Vienna.     Like Dan Fogelberg, Adolf tried first to be an soldier first, but he found his painting couldn’t wait.   Or maybe Adolf tried to be an artist first, but when his heart’s calling was rejected he set out on a slightly different vocational path. You should at least know the very serious facts that Adolf did not start out as a homicidal maniac.   He in fact was an artist of some recognition, and his first calling was in fact selling paintings, primarily to the wealthy and enlightened Jewish population in and around Vienna.   Well, you know how the internet and social media works, his blog went all viral and next thing you know he had an inital public offering (IPO) that exploded and he was bought out by the webhost called

Scared yet?   Well, just google, “George Soros on the Coming US Class War”….that should wake you up a bit.   Remember, Hitler’s foreign and domestic policies had the goal of seizing Lebensraum (“living space”) for the Germanic people….and what’s happening all across America today?   Well, the banks and institutions are busy seizing living space for….well, haven’t really figured out whose gonna move into all them homes yet….what with all the unemployment and such….

But enough about all that….let’s talk about right now.   Today. There here and now.   Just yesterday, the Republican Robot Mitt Romney, on two separate occasions recognized and applauded Florida Attorney General for standing up and fighting against Mortgage Fraud….he kinda veered way of carefully scripted talking points….but as usual none has uttered a word of protest or tried to correct that aspiring Robot Commander in Chief.

Meanwhile, the real Commander in Chief today is releasing the term deals on the AG settlement.   There will be all this crowing and tough talk and you might actually think it means something.   But no one will talk about the real, ugly truth….the fact that the settlement involves no meaningful punishment for the banks and that the “penalties” for the banks will be extracted from the investments of ordinary Americans.

So what is foreclosure mediation in a post-Apocalyptic world?   Well, it recognizes that the situation that exists here on the ground is far worse than anyone has the ability to comprehend at this point in time.   I sat in court yesterday watching one foreclosure “trial” after another…they weren’t trials at all….just dog and pony shows…but no one has yet grasped just how bad housing really is or made the connection to what’s gonna happen when this all is disclosed.

Our focus today and for the months and years forward is how to keep homeowners in homes….at all costs….making payments and caring for these structures.

We have all got to work together to force the banks to accept what is in their best interests…….


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