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Foreclosure Lawyers Misdeeds Ignored in Florida?

foreclosure-lawyersFlorida courthouses are rife with evidence of errors and fabrications made by attorneys handling foreclosure cases, and yet so far no lawyers have been disciplined. With pressure mounting to police its own members, the Florida Bar established a special category of complaints listed as “foreclosure fraud.”     But in 20 complaints investigated in that category, the Bar has not found cause to discipline anyone — even lawyers who admitted to breaking ethical rules.   Some observers say that early track record of ignoring misdeeds by its members raises questions about whether the system of self-policing for lawyers can handle the depth of wrongdoing in the foreclosure crisis.

Sarasota Tribune


  • smtblnde says:

    Homeowners should turn their evidence of fraud over to their local sheriff, an elected official who actually has to care about the public’s opinion as to the fair and just prosecution of crimes.

    • Rosetta35 says:

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  • foreclosure says:

    That’s a bad sign, consideration or ignoring foreclosure issues were irritating.

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