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Foreclosure investigation: AG is looking for evidence of kickbacks

By Harriet Johnson Brackey

“Follow the money.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum’s office is looking for it, in its investigation of the foreclosure law firm of David J. Stern.k0611252.jpg

What’s at the bottom of the AG’s investigation was almost a throw-away line in a recent hearing in Fort Lauderdale.

Assistant Attorney General Theresa Edwards, in her very last response to a question from Judge Eileen M. O’Conner, says that yes, the AG’s office did receive thousands of documents from Stern’s firm but not the documents it wanted.

The documents it wanted “may involve kick backs (sic) to the servicers who are hiring them, which surprisingly weren’t included in the documents. So that’s why we want to keep looking.”

Thanks to attorney Matt Weidner, who posted the transcript on his blog today.  Here’s a link to it.”

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