Throw away for a moment what you think you know about Jesus Christ and Christianity and ignore entirely all of the religious components of the Christ movement.  Whether you are a believer or a non-believer, whether you believe in God, L. Ron Hubbard, Buddha or The Flying Spaghetti Monster, you must accept that Jesus Christ was in fact a man, he did walk this earth and he was in fact a primary source of inspiration for the movement that bears his name.  But what is almost always ignored about the Christ movement is that, initially, it was not primarily or exclusively a spiritual movement at all.  Christianity was an economic liberation movement.

Of many things we can be absolutely certain.  Christ lived in and around Jerusalem in areas that were controlled by the Roman Empire.  Young Jesus and his family were followers of a smallish faith called Judaism.   During Jesus’ formative years the Roman Empire was expanding…ruthlessly so.  The Romans alternatively tolerated, subjected, persecuted and manipulated the Jews individually, collectively and most effectively with the cooperation the Jewish leadership.  The wealth and power of the Roman Empire was not based upon superior technology or innovation, it was based upon the Empire’s ability to enslave vast portions of population and force those populations to work ever harder, rendering more and more unto Caesar.   For Roman subjects, ruled without challenge by The Empire, productivity was increased with ever increasing whips.  For both Jews and Roman subjects, gross manipulations were likewise part of the undeniable history of Roman Exceptionalism.  The Jewish Problem for the Roman Empire required a very special sort of manipulation, which came in the form of the absolute complicity of Jewish religious elders in the abuse, enslavement and persecution of the Jewish people.  Grossly unholy alliances were struck between the secular Roman governments and the Jewish religious leadership, the alliances forged forced generations of everyday working people to slave even harder and render more and more of the fruits of their labor not just unto Ceasar, but unto The Temple as well. First the tax man collected for Caesar, next came the emissaries of the High Priest taking for The Faith. The end product of this double team was gross percentages of the fruits of a human being’s labor stripped from them and placed into service and interests beyond their control.

Undeniably these economic conditions pushed vast populations past their breaking points.  People grew weary of working 18 hours a day and not benefiting from their labor. Having no homes. Having nothing. Having whatever they did have taken from them.  And so they rebelled. Slowly at first, but then on a grand scale. One figure, one person, more than any other, became the representation and personification of this revolt.  It was not one man that stormed into the Temple and trashed the money changers and their desks, it was a gang. And it was not One Man the caused such conflict and strife that the blood of tens of thousands of babies and innocent children was spilled…and ceremoniously smeared on front doors.  An entire people rebelled because an economic, social and political system got so grossly out of balance that a people could no longer tolerate the oppression.

And now you’re thinking, “WHOA, WHAT THE HELL IS WEIDNER TALKING ABOUT…I CAME HERE FOR A FORECLOSURE RANT!”  Well here it is.  But first, more history.  The American Revolution, not a conflict over tea v. coffee….a conflict over economic subjugation.  Civil War, not slaves….economic subjugation. WWII, not Jews….economic subjugation.  Every revolutionary epoch in history has its foundation in economic subjugation, that foundation subsequently obscured by other trimmings. And now (finally) we turn to Foreclosures Circa 2014.

At this moment in American history, vast portions of the American population are subjected to economic slavery and subjugation in scale and magnitude greater than at any time in this nation’s history. Systemic  unemployment, student loan debt, consumer debt, crashing wages, gross societal and individual destabilization.  People are working, but less and less of what they work for provides any tangible benefit to the individual. And now, here it comes, the moment you’ve been waiting for….the application of all this to Foreclosure.

Foreclosure is not an abstract process. It’s not just a legal or economic function.  It is a crushing phenomena that has far ranging and devastating implications both individually and for society as a whole.  Few stop to consider the devastating implications of ripping a family from their home, but we see it first hand. Crushing anxiety, misery, panic, anger.  People in foreclosure die at higher rates, relative to the general population. Foreclosure is a national health epidemic.  But certainly, in the rush to throw families out into the street, these consequences are not taken into consideration.  It’s absolutely astonishing that systemically no consideration is given to the fact that, undeniably, the Plaintiffs named in foreclosure lawsuits are criminal enterprises.  JPMorgan Chase, master manipulator of all things currency, robbing communities and rigging complex financial operations so that Jamie Dimon and his family can whack tennis balls around their multi million dollar living room.  HSBC bank, money launderer for the drug cartels and terrorist organizations.  Citigroup and Bank of America, vast Ponzi Schemes.  All of them, robbing flagrantly from both The People and the United States and governments worldwide.

Forgive me, once again I’ve swerved away from the main topic.  How exactly is Foreclosure Economic Terrorism and how in the world does does a judge granting a foreclosure judgment have anything whatsoever with supporting vast and out of control criminal enterprises?  The first and most important part is understanding the human toll that foreclosure takes, an understanding that few take any time to consider.  The next aspect is questioning the real impact of foreclosure on communities as a whole.  Quite simply,

Why are courts foreclosing on families so that homes can be sold back to the United States or foreign governments?

“The Banks” do not own mortgages and do not take title to them at the end of foreclosure. Courts are not throwing families into the street because Bank of America or JPMorgan wants the courts to do this.

Courts are signing foreclosure judgments and throwing people into the street because unknown shadow entities are demanding that courts throw people into the streets.

This fact is most extraordinary, and again, a most extraordinary thing that courts are content to ignore.  The chart below shows just who actually owns the mortgages that are being foreclosed on.  Fannie, Freddie, Government Guaranteed….and to a much, much lesser degree, Private Investor.  In more than 80 of the cases I’ve examined, no private party is the winning bidder at foreclosure sale…the properties return to the plaintiffs.  The implications of this are extraordinary…but ignored.

If all we’re doing with foreclosure is turning properties over to the federal and foreign governments, why doesn’t the US Military just start kicking down doors and throwing people out into the streets? 

Why do we need courts as intermediaries?

And why  even bother with a court process at all if we’re all just going to ignore the undisputed facts that the plaintiffs in these cases are criminal enterprises stealing from The People and The Government, cheating, stealing, laundering money for drug cartels, terrorist states and engaging in vast criminal enterprises that steal money from cities, municipalities and individuals?

Again, if we’re just going to turn the homes and properties of Americans over to shadowy entities working with the US and foreign governments, why do we need courts as intermediaries.  Why don’t we all just dispense with the fiction of The Banks as Real Party in Interest and allow the federal government and its partners, the foreign entities and governments it is working with to come seize homes directly?

Now, because I keep harping on the whole,


Theme, let me provide some additional support and context for this statement.  For years and years, China was the largest purchaser of UNSECURED US DEBT, primarily in the form of treasury bonds.  And then a funny thing happened.  Around 2010, China Inc announced that it was no longer interested in purchasing UNSECURED US DEBT and in fact demanded that they be permitted to purchase more and more SECURED US DEBT.  Secured by what?


Secured by the homes and property owned by everyday Americans, in the form of Fannie and Freddie backed secured collateral!



China, the biggest foreign bond buyer of U.S. debt, bought record amount of bonds issued by U.S. government agencies including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and securities backed by residential mortgage loans in July while selling Treasury notes and bonds for the first time since April, according to the latest capital flows data from the Treasury Department.

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There is of course so much more here…more than anyone really wants to see…and certainly more than anyone sitting in a foreclosure courtroom cares to stop to think about for one second.  After all, the homeowner didn’t pay his debt obligation….and so he deserves to be punished.  Now, when that concept is extrapolated out into the larger context, what is the impact?  Hmmmm….
More on this report later….







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