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Foreclosure Fraud Review- We’re Here From The Gubment, We’re Here to Screw You….

government-foreclosuresI love this post about the new OCC review, that’s even more spot on from my friend over at Chink in The Armor:

I sat in on a phone call today between a highly trained attorney and three different $10 an hour employees of RUST Consulting in Minneapolis MN.   We wanted to get some information on this new and improved government cheese program called the OCC’s Independent Foreclosure Review.   It was quite the laugh as I listened to the attorney pretend he was a distressed,   angry,   and at times tearful and fearful homeowner.   Here is what we found out. This is a game show.   They won’t say that,   but to these jaded eyes what we are looking at is no different than talent scouts scouring the countryside looking for contestants for the new season of ” American DreamZ,   DreamZ with a Z”   and what a snoozer it is.   It’s your opportunity for more voluntary auto-humiliation at the hands of the very ones who have been tormenting you up to this point.   It wouldn’t surprise me to see this as a new reality TV show where the audience can vote on the amount of award to the contestants.   Can’t you just see the contestants (homeowners) jumping up and down clapping their hands hysterically as they get their piece of the Government Cheese?

Chink In The Armor

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