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Foreclosure Filings Actually Fall in Pinellas Feb/March 2010- How’s That Possible?

Attached here is an excel spreadsheet that shows every foreclosure that has been filed in Pinellas County from February 1, 2010 and March 23, 2010.   Amazingly, the number totals only 1151. And although February was a short month, the total number of foreclosures filings is off significantly from previous months.   One might hope that banks are taking a second thought before they file foreclosure or that solutions are being worked out, but my sense is that this is just a temporary downward blip before the numbers pop up again.

The data shows a consolidation of foreclosing entities with banking giants Bank of Amerika, Wells Fargo, Citi and Chase making huge plays to throw taxpayers out of their homes. It’s worth noting that these are the very institutions that have benefited from taxpayer largess…they’re apparently making the most of their investments.   The next spreadsheet here shows how many foreclosure sales were completed during the same period,   533.   This comparison of foreclosure filings v. sales shows the continuation of a trend that has remained constant for many months now with foreclosure filings vastly outpacing the number of foreclosures that are completed.

It’s hard to tell from the data, but my personal experience tells me that far too many of those who are served with foreclosure do not retain adequate counsel or advice from an attorney while some fall victim to mortgage rescue and modification scams…we still have work to do to make sure all those who are served with foreclosure get competent representation, and the fight will continue until the tables are turned and the foreclosure crisis subsides.

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    I suspect it’s a matter of that pesky verification requirement – they’re keeping their powder dry until they figure out how they want to try to dodge it.

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