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Foreclosure Defense Florida


On 6/24/2010 beginning at 5:00 p.m. and lasting until 9:00 p.m. or until they kick us out of the room, Foreclosure Defense Attorneys   from across the state are invited to meet in Ballroom A at the Boca Raton Resort and Club for an intense and lively meeting where we will discuss:

1. Case Strategies and Defenses

Practitioners from across the state discuss what arguments are working in courtrooms and circuits across the state.   The variations in judicial interpretations is very troubling; we need to work together to share Orders and Opinions in order to help our courts develop a more consistent body of circuit court foreclosure law.

2.Foreclosure Mediation Programs

This will be one of the most important topics discussed in this session.   The new rules governing foreclosure mediations are complex and present both critical pitfalls for defendants and crucial opportunities to attack the plaintiffs.   As guardians of our client’s rights and as officers of the court, we have an ethical obligation to understand these new rules, make sure they are being correctly implemented and report our concerns and issues to the judges we practice in front of.   David Acosta from Case Clarity will provide an incredible presentation and showcase an interactive blueprint that will open your eyes to just some of the issues presented.

3. Pending and Coming Appeals

Riggs v. Aurora; Taylor v. Deutsche Bank- these are just two cases of current interest, but our colleagues are preparing appeals from circuits all across the state. We will ask those who are arguing the known cases to present and provide input and guidance to all who are drafting or considering appeals as we speak.

4. Non-Compliance with Supreme Court Rules And Ethics Rules

How are circuits across the state (and the Florida Bar) addressing the ethically questionable conduct of the Plaintiff’s bar, particularly as it relates to the verified complaint rule, but including execution of affidavits and assignments and all other evidence in support of cases?

5. Public Outreach/Consumer Support of Florida Attorneys

The members of the Ethical and Responsible Foreclosure Defense Bar are doing more to improve the general public’s perception of the positive role lawyers play in their lives than at any other time in our generation.   How do we work with the Florida Bar, the general public and the media to get this message out, to increase our presence in courtrooms and provide representation to more homeowners who are in distress.

6. Legislative and Public Policy Initiatives

During the last legislative session, the banks came very close to passing a non-judicial foreclosure bill that would have eliminated important rights for homeowners all across this state.   They’re coming back hard this year and if we don’t stand together to fight this, the rights of hundreds of thousands of homeowners will be devastated.

Due to the sensitive nature of the issues being discussed, no attorney will be permitted to attend this meeting unless they confirm that they are primarily engaged in the defense of homeowners in foreclosure and that they do not represent plaintiffs who are foreclosing against homeowners.   If you wish to attend this meeting, email you name, practice address, email and website address and Florida Bar Number to   You must include in this email the following affirmation:

“I am an attorney properly licensed by the Florida Bar.   I am engaged in the ethical defense and protection of the rights of Florida homeowners.   I do not represent Plaintiffs who are foreclosing on homeowners in Florida.   I am not employed by and I will not discuss any of the issues discussed in this meeting with attorneys or law firms that are engaged in foreclosure prosecutions.”

Everyone who attends this meeting should be prepared to affirm these statements and provide additional assurances to all other members in attendance that they can attend this meeting in good faith.   A donation will be requested of each attorney who attends this meeting, all money contributed will be used to offset the room cost and support further meetings.

Email the information requested above to no later than 5:00 p.m. Monday, June 21, 2010 to insure your attendance at this meeting.

Have a look at the website for information about the events she has planned for Friday, June 25th, 2010 at the Boca Raton Resort and Club which include excellent presentations from a variety of consumers and other experts in this foreclosure crisis.   This meeting promises to bring many consumers on-site who will appreciate meeting real foreclosure fighters in person.

Please also consider attending the Florida Bar’s Residential Foreclosure CLE Session on Thursday, June 24th from 12:00-5:00 pm.   This session will feature two foreclosure defenders, including a powerful and dedicated homeowner attorney advocate, Lynn Drysdale, two lender attorneys and   moderated by a real Foreclosure Hero, the Honorable Jennifer Bailey.


We are all grateful that the Florida Bar has allowed us to meet on site at the meeting.   One of the most important things we can all do to improve the visibility and respect for our most important practice area is to be on-site and to have a very visible, active and engaged presence.

Make plans to spend as much time at these meetings as you can to share your experiences with Bar Leadership, practitioners from other areas and the consumers on site.

Invest in your practice, invest in the future of this important practice area and provide service to your clients and other consumers around the state.


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