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Over the years Weidner Law has successfully defended homeowners in numerous cases, at all stages of litigation, including trials and appeals. Successful resolutions have taken many forms such as loan modifications, short sales, waiver of deficiency judgments, dismissal of the foreclosure or judgment in favor of the homeowner. Successful outcomes are measured by what is most important to our clients. Although no attorney can guarantee specific results in any litigation, the following provides some insight on how Weidner Law works through diligently representing clients facing foreclosure.

We can help at any stage of the foreclosure process

Whether you have just been served, your case has been pending for some time or even ready for trial, Weidner Law can help. Foreclosure cases in later stages are far more difficult to defend, and almost impossible to defend after judgment has been entered. However, every case is different and there is the rare occasion when a homeowner can win even after a foreclosure sale. In every case, Weidner Law can provide legal advice on what to do next, even if the next steps do not involve court. Ask us.

Just Served

Case Pending

Set For Trial

Set For Sale

Defending Homeowners in Foreclosure

It starts by representing you.

Once you hire us, we tell the foreclosure law firm we represent you.

One of the most important things we offer the clients who retain us is peace of mind. Certainly you will still worry and you and your family will have questions, but you will have a dedicated team of attorneys and staff that are standing by and immediately ready to respond to your questions and needs. Foreclosure is different for every family.

We take the time to talk with you and work through all the different options and possibilities. As a client of Weidner Law, you’re part of our family. We’ll respond to your requests….we strive for within 24 hours….so you’ll never have to deal with the stress and anxiety of this difficult and frustrating process alone.

How to Hire Us

Check facts & Prepare Defense

Examine your paperwork

No family or client is the same and neither is your foreclosure case. From our very first meeting, we spend a great deal of time pouring over the details of your entire mortgage transaction, from the time you closed the loan until the foreclosure filing. The time we take to understand the details of your case and our personalized approach to case management is one of the things that has made Weidner Law a leader in foreclosure law.

Find facts that support defenses

It’s not enough for us to simply respond to your case. We want to know what happened to you and your family from closing, through modification and up to the filing of the lawsuit. The questions we ask of you and the information we collect will be used to form our comprehensive defense of your case. This of course does not stop at our initial meetings. We keep the two way flow of information going throughout our relationship. Foreclosure law is evolving rapidly with new appellate decisions coming out literally every day. We read these cases the moment they are released, then circle back to your case and make sure we’ve got you covered with the new rules and defenses.

Put defense plan in motion

Foreclosure is a rapidly changing battlefield and we’re constantly thinking, constantly changing, constantly conferring with the best and the brightest legal minds in all areas of consumer justice law to make sure we’re bringing every defense and strategy to bear on your behalf. Once again, our strategy and our defense of your case is grounded on the close working relationship with you, our client. Throughout your case, you’ll be getting regular, personalized updates and on our client blog, you’ll be sure you’re informed about all the rapidly evolving issues in the fight for foreclosure and consumer justice.

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Then, we deal with the lender

Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we fight in court

The key to good litigation is effective communication with our clients; with the bank’s attorneys and with the courts.

Weidner Law has developed a statewide reputation for the highest quality legal representation. We strive everyday to earn the respect of our clients, our opponents and the judges we practice in front of everyday. Our reputation for professionalism, respect for our courts and understanding the challenges faced by our opponents in the courtroom is one of the secrets to our success and we work everyday to constantly nurture these qualities.

Discovery, Documents & Testimony

Discovery, collecting information, is a constantly changing battlefield. The opposing sides and the courts know we’re constantly on the prowl for new information, for new case strategies, for new evidence that we will use in the defense of our clients. As we develop your case, you’ll see the time we put into moving your case forward.

Homeowner Claims. The Counterclaim

We don’t stop with defending your case, we’re constantly working to move your case forward and put the bank on the defensive. We’re obsessive about keeping ahead of the curve on the rapidly evolving world of foreclosure and consumer justice and you can be sure your case will show our commitment and focus.

We Work to Defend & Advance Your Rights.

Relax. You’re Protected.

Although it’s not entirely realistic to say the anxiety about your case will be gone the moment you hire our firm, we strive to help you understand that when you hire our firm, your case and your family’s future are in our hands. We take our responsibilities seriously and want you to allow us to absorb the pressures and the anxiety so you can get taking care of your family, feeling safe and secure and preparing for your future. We cannot promise success in your case, but we do promise that we will devote the time and attention necessary to give you the best hope of a successful resolution.

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