Wow..we know that things are bad out there for the attorneys and advocates that are fighting for consumer justice and the very foundation of the legal system.  Courtrooms can be difficult environments for those that dare to challenge the banks and the organizations that are destroying this country.

And now attorneys that defend homeowners have to worry about being physically attacked outside courtrooms….

It actually happened…outside a courtroom.  Files and papers and law books strewn all across a parking lot.

Police called…police report prepared.


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  • Anonymous Poster says:

    LOL. Way to pander to the simpletons who read this drivel.

    I am sure it had NOTHING to do with something insulting or vulgar said by one to the other that had absolutely nothing to do with being a foreclosure defense lawyer, right?

    Yes, everyone panic the foreclosure mill lawyers are now going to beat you up outside the courtroom. Puh…lease.

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