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I’ve heard it repeated often by judges that foreclosure defense attorneys are in many ways like public defenders…

defending ACCUSED criminals in criminal court.

Well….not really.  Not at all really.  You see, in criminal court those defendants have some actual due process. From what I’ve seen they are treated with respect.  But more importantly, the justice system itself is treated with dignity and respect…..not at all the case in foreclosure court.

I just left a “trial” where virtually every single one of my literally hundreds of objections were overruled.  Now granted, some of those objections should not have been sustained, but there were many, many very important and undeniably correct objections that absolutely should have been granted.

A big one for instance that should have definitely been sustained was my objection to allowing a plaintiff to introduce a copy of a copy of powers of attorneys.

A copy of a power of attorney.


And that’s just one of the objections… many others that were just completely ignored than overruled.

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