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So many disturbing things that are highlighted in the context of foreclosure.  What is demonstrated in ways both large and small all across this country is how the entirety of United States Government has laid down, fallen over, falling over every official and every branch to forgive, forget then reward grossly abusive conduct of large institutions which have committed grave crimes against our nation and our communities.  The systemic financial crimes that were first revealed with the 2008 collapse were not punished….they were in fact rewarded.  And since that time, the criminal cabals have only become more emboldened and more powerful.  At the international level, the banking and corporate conspirators lied amongst themselves and to our economic allies across the planet….The London Whale, The LIBOR scandal, Accounting Fraud.  On the national level, the banks and corporations engaged and continue to engage in gross crimes of fraud, market manipulation and outright thievery.  They steal government contracts, they lie, fabricate and forge across all industries to gain access to government money directly in the form of contracts and bailout money….and indirectly in the form of tax breaks and incentives.

At the state and local level, the same conduct occurs. Lying. Forgery. Fraud. Corruption.  All part of a very efficient means of misappropriating government money and using the institutions of government to take money and property from individuals.  The government has been drafted into the service of criminal banking and corporate cartels in a wildly successful effort of taking property and treasure from individuals.  Public officials and the whole of government in the service of entities that have destabilized our nation and made us vulnerable to  criticism and attack not just from our enemies, but from our allies as well.

Do you trust the United States government?  If you do you’re a fool.

Do you trust the programs and the deals cut between The Banks and the United States government? If you do you’re a fool. 

The fact is the entirety of The United States government, national, state, local are in service of the corporations, the banks, the entities that work continually to concentrate their power, their wealth, their resources…depriving individuals of the same in service of that goal. The primary function of government  was to serve as a balance between the corporate and individual interest, to keep out of control, wreckless and abusive policies in check, but this government that serves and protects only the corporate interest stands in stark opposition to the individual interest.

In order to destroy individual liberty and so thoroughly obliterate private rights, The Law must not just be ignored it must be decimated, obliterated, destroyed, desecrated.  And we see that every day…….

America in distress.  Without a doubt.

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