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Foreclosure and Who Has The Right To Foreclose on an Original Note

This good homeowner attorney makes very valiant attempts to argue the larger issues in foreclosure…but those arguments are not at all well accepted.

The dis positive fact was the possession of the original promissory note.




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  • Mark Bowen says:

    “good homeowner attorney”, really? This guy stumbles and bumbles to the effect of never actually making his point, or at least not making it clear. I was embarrassed to watch these oral arguments while I was alone in the room. Frankly, if this is what passes as good foreclosure defense after all we’ve learned about the fraud these criminal corporations have committed, then we are all doomed to live out our meaningless lives under the oligarchical control of those same corporations. Time to step up Weidner; here’s some advice. If a judge, at any level, tells you to stop talking while he/she is talking, at least kindly ask him/her to stop interrupting you while you are making your argument (I’ve seen this a hundred time, maybe more). Ultimately, the problem is, and always has been, with the self-regulation of the legal services industry by, and parent-child relationships within, the state judiciary, which was unconstitutionally integrated without legislative intent. None of our real problems are legal, they are all political, which is why they may never be resolved.

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