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Forbes Magazine And A Completly Wrong Headline: With Little Evidence of Foreclosure Fraud Feds Give Up

This is the Headline:

With Little Evidence Of Fraud In Foreclosures, Feds Give Up

And the author is clearly living on some alternate reality planet.   Interestingly Forbes magazine closed comments on the article…..guess they couldn’t take the heat of The Truth!

What a terribly misinformed and factually incorrect editorial….(again). It’s a shame that Forbes allows such poorly sourced and flat out factually incorrect reporting under their banner….it discredits the brand significantly.   The headline is entirely false.   The settlement did not occur from lack of findings, quite the contrary, the reviews were overwhelming in their findings of wrongdoing.   The servicers were indeed engaging in wrongdoing that ranged from cutting corners to committing crimes. (Forgery, fraud and perjury can be crimes)   The servicers, by engaging in these behaviors have desecrated our nation’s legal system.   These settlements are nothing but more evidence of regulatory capture and corruption…..your posts, nothing but misinformed industry propaganda…



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  • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

    I see 4 options:

    1) The writer has not researched the issues on his own and is therefore uninformed in regard to the facts and reality.

    2) The writer is in denial of the substantial facts that contradict his uninformed opinion.

    3) The writer is a lickspittle for banks.

    4) The writer is an idiot.

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