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Floridians Suffer….Rick Scott- Turning Away Hundreds of Millions of Dollars…..

By September 13, 20112 Comments

MIAMI (AP) “” Gov. Rick Scott and the Republican-led Legislature have rejected or declined to pursue more than $106 million in federal grant money and returned another $4.5 million for programs linked to federal health care initiatives, including cancer prevention, leading critics to say he is putting his conservative agenda ahead of residents’ needs.

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  • divemedic says:

    There are a lot of reasons to dislike Rick Scott. I do not think that this is one of them. Many times, when a government entity accepts a federal grant, that grant pays for the first year of the program, and the local or state government that accepted that grant is left to pay for that benefit in future years. Canceling that benefit in later years is most often more criticized than turning down the grant in the first place.

    As a government employee, I have seen my employer accept a grant that is only good for a year, and hiring people to perform the activity that the grant requires. The following year, that same employer is faced with having to find the money to continue the program, or lay off the employee(s) who are no longer funded.

    Accepting $106 million in grants this year may well mean $100 million in expenditures every year after that. The profligate spending of money that we do not have on programs that we do not need is how this nation came to be in so much debt.

  • learning2 says:

    I agree with Gov Scott on this matter, as well as, his turning down the rail system loan. Every county and municipality, along with the state of Florida, is most likely, if not explicitly, at the point of bankruptcy in Florida. Taking of Federal monies, the Fed is definitely bankrupt, is not a solution to our problems.

    Nor is China, or any other country, the reason for the current state of the U.S of A. The people of the U.S. have been programed in what the government and corporations, along with the Powers That Be, wanted the masses to believe and think. That is why the U.S. is the biggest racist country in the world (that’s a fact). For example, just talk to some elementary, middle or high school students to hear what they were being ‘programed’, ok, taught, to believe happened on 9/11 last week. And, if a kid knew some of the real facts, they were told to be quite, don’t make additional notes other than what the instructor was spouting, and, especially, don’t speak up about what they thought or knew!!

    I have seen recent posts here about how China is the cause of the problems, and that we should do something about it. The U.S. started inciting people to have this opinion, and U.S. continues to destroy the people of the U.S. (no interest on savings, lower wages continuously since the 70s, taking away of Social Security which was funded by the people – and not through taxes, to name just a few examples) and other countries (Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Spain…to name a few) which have been suckered into investing in our derivatives, swaps and other garbage packaged by our corporations and government (which were illegal and likely will never face prosecution nor will there be the taking of the money they made off these deals – they will get to keep the money, just like Wachovia’s money laundering, they got to keep the bulk of the money!!!).

    The U.S. is the most racist country in the world and the people allow this behavior to continue due to their ignorance and lack of inaction which was the purposeful intent of The Powers That Be. The U.S. is responsible for poverty, genocide, murder, RICO, illegal behavior and much, much more.

    Please don’t point the finger or come to a conclusion until one has a complete understanding of the history and current events of the U.S. and its government. For example: , or, did you know that there were laws in acted that allow members of Congress and Senate to legally conduct and participate in insider trading???? Remember, we stole this country from Indians over a long period of time through agreements, treaties, oppression and murder. How many Indians are alive today? What lands do they still control???

    Perhaps Gov Chris knows he will have less power unless the People of Florida have some power. Taking Federal ‘handouts’ just takes away more power from the people.

    Knowledge is Power, but this means a well rounded and full knowledge, not just specific knowledge of one aspect, but of the big picture. The U.S. is at the center of this Global Financial crisis and the purposefully dumbed-down citizen is a major factor. We can overcome if we stop pointing at everyone else and get informed, and then, we can take action!

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