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Florida’s (un)Fair Foreclosure Foreclosure Act, Occupy Florida and Florida as The Most Corrupt State In The History of The World

foreclosure-actThe word, “Florida” loosely translated from it’s Catalonia Spanish origins means, “Land of real estate fraud and official corruption where elected officials can be bought and paid for and where the dopey and docile inhabitants are easily preyed upon by con artists, shysters, banksters and all manner of criminals who are given free reign to use the land for their own ends and crush the people with no consequence.” For more on the etymological background of “Florida”, I encourage all of you to get and read, “Exiles in Eden” , a cult classic that is a necessity in the library of all who strive to grasp Florida Fraudclosuregate.

It’s true, Florida has a long and ignominious history of fraud and crimes and con artistry related to the sand atop which this state stands.   From Flagler to Plant, Jackson to Chief Osceola and straight to the man who is the Undisputed Heavyweight King of Slimy Politicians, Rick Scott, Florida is the Mecca for anyone who really wants to play in the big leagues of in your face, screw the natives, land grabbing corruption.   I recognize that this language all sounds a bit extreme, but the fact of the matter is it’s really not.   The problem is our polite and accepted language really fails to capture the fully breadth and depth of the magnitude of all this….I could get a lot closer with expletive-laced cracker dialogue (Careful with that F&*^^ing carpet baggin’ snake with the shifty eyes and weasley words, he’ll gut you out and roll you like a momma gator protecting her nest.) but this is a family channel and the kids might be reading this so I’ve got to struggle with the words my mom would allow me to use.

Anywhoo, the latest example of our state’s long and destructive history of land corruption is dramatically on display with the Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act of 2012.   I’m going to keep railing on this thing every chance I get but I’m going to tell you, that it largely will not matter.   The forces of evil and corruption that are backing this piece of filth are so powerful and our political system so corrupted that some version of this is going to pass.   Now I’m going to take a swipe here at voters in the State of Florida and the real victims of our utterly corrupt state….they’re largely to blame for the utterly corrupt state of affairs that exist in this state. (are you counting how many times I use the word, “corrupt” in this post?)

I mean Rick Scott purchases the governor mansion with the ill-gotten gains from his health care swindle, then launches right into one violation of law after another and one shady deal after another (destroying public records, drug testing and Solantic, oil and gas interests, road projects, prisons, Koch Brothers, secret flights to Vegas) and no one seems to mind at all.     A few newspaper articles here and there, a few probing questions from a reporter here or there, but no real pressure or heat at all.   Same deal with Florida’s Attorney General…(no word yet on those Fraudclosure investigations, huh?).

Will voters and law enforcement and press and regular people ever wake up, turn off the tv, step away from the sports games or Dancing With the Stars long enough to mount any real resistance to all this corruption and tyranny?   History suggests not.   History suggests that people will just continue to lay on their backs and sit in their easy chairs as they get whipped bloody, yelping a bit at the TV, but not caring enough to get outside or to really do much of anything at all….and so the whipping and the   tyranny will only continue….and get worse.

The latest example of the flogging and whipping can be found right here in the bill that has been filed and that has been titled the “Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act of 2012“. Now you know the drafters didn’t put the (un) part in there, but I refuse to ever comment on this bill without putting that descriptor in there just to add some bit of honesty into the discussion.

The full text of the bill can be found here.

Scroll through and read the comments that I have appended to the text. I really didn’t go into depth because the fact of the matter is I get so disgusted every time I read it.   There is so much wrong and evil and corruption represented in this thing that my stomach churns every time I read it and I just cannot muster the concentration it takes to keep focused and keep some semblance of civility and professionalism.   My comments there are just the start. I will continue to supplement as my stomach will allow.

One of the more disturbing things to watch will be the political “debate” that will occur surrounding this bill.   Now mind you there will not be much of a debate at all.   The ReTHUGlicans in Florida’s legislature have decreed that that some version of this bill will pass and you can just bet your farm that they’re going to do whatever it takes to ram this through.   Homeowners and The Constitution and The Rule of Law really don’t stand much chance against banksters and the absolutely corrupting force of campaign contributions in Florida politics.   Florida’s Legislature is bought and paid for and because of this our laws are too.   Laws like this get on the books because powerful and well funded groups want them on the books.   They make a fiscal calculation about what it will cost them to get them passed, then they make the investment because they know they will make a phenomenal return on that investment.   You homeowners don’t stand a chance because you don’t have lobbyists and there are few economists out there who champion your cause cause you ain’t gonna fund any endowed chair anytime soon. On the other hand, the Dark Side will turn to government-sponsored “economists” like UCF’s Sean Snaith who will be out all across the state making absurd statements like, “Quick Foreclosures Are The Key To Florida’s Economic Recovery!”   …the modern day version of the Snake Oil Salesman or the Carnival Barker, making the most absurd statements…whatever it takes to sucker in the marks.

But the whole, “Occupy” movement provides some glimmer of hope.   Maybe this is the beginning of some change. Maybe people will see what Occupy has done and take note. Maybe Occupy will see this issue as one that is central to their cause. Maybe.

But until then, we live here in Florida…..the State of Corruption.




  • las says:

    Without a doubt, Florida IS THE MOST CORRUPT State…

    The Bankster influence is insidious and its tentacles are far reaching. A small example is when I’m doing case law research . . . just try to find a PUBLISHED Florida Appellate decision against IndyMac/OneWest! They usually all say: “DECISION WITHOUT PUBLISHED OPINION”.

    “¦and, maybe someone can quote me what Florida Statute or Rule of Procedure the courts are following when the Plaintiff files a blatantly counterfeit Promissory Note with their foreclosure complaint, yet they get to file a “cleaned up version” of the same counterfeit note without question from the court, when the Defendant calls them on it?

    “¦or what case law is it that sets the precedence of using a blatantly fraudulent Assignment of Mortgage (and Note) that the Defendant submits as wrongdoing on Plaintiff’s behalf, who chose not to include it in their complaint, yet our favorite “Rocket Docket” Sr. Judge, (who, by the way has no current, valid oath of office on file) takes that evidence – turns it around – and uses it in favor of the Plaintiff?!?

    “¦or how does one appeal a case when all your evidence and pleadings submitted directly to the Judge, mysteriously disappears from the court file and certain “relevant” words are removed from the court reporter’s trial transcript???

    Does it feel like the Twilight Zone, yet?

    Well the best part is yet to come . . . I got a letter from the Economic Crimes Unit in response to my submission of irrefutable evidence of the counterfeit Promissory Note and fraudulent Public Records filing of the Assignment of Mortgage. They really had to reach for this one! Without talking with me in person, the detective told me he went to the court house and looked at the records and his excuse for not opening an investigation was that, “the Judge concluded that “A DEBT WAS OWED”!!!! Not even that “I OWED THE DEBT””¦or “THE DEBT WAS OWED TO THE PLAINTIFF IN THE CASE” . NO, just that SOMEONE OWED A DEBT!

    If that is the attitude of JUSTICE in Florida, we have bigger problems than we realize…

  • Ms Disgusted says:


    What court system were you in that there was even a court reporter present? I have to supply my own at $60 an hour. Anyway, if I ever have to go to court, even if they do supply a CR, I will bring my own. If the CR is paid for by they court you are in, they’re job is on the line if they don’t ‘edit’ the report.

    Yes, I will live in the most corrupt State of Florida as well.

    • las says:

      The ‘good ‘ole boy’s’ 20th circuit. The really sad part is that I did hire and pay her almost $400! I guess M.C. Watson must’ve paid her more ;+O

      She refused to let me go to her office and listen to her tape of the trial … her excuse was that it was her “work product”!!! I told her not to destroy it,as it was evidence of a crime. What do you want to bet. It gets lost?

  • las says:

    The reporter was from Merit Court Reporting in Ft. Myers.

    It took me a while to raise the money to buy the transcript, so I didn’t purchase it right away. Then, when I did purchase it, I didn’t file it right away because of the problems I found in it.
    In the mean time, Watson files a Memo in Opposition to my Motion for New Trial, whereby he cites something from the trial transcript. Surprised, I contacted Merit to find out how Watson had access to the transcript, when I was the one who hired them and I hadn’t even filed it with the court yet. Merit told me they always contact the other side to see if they want to purchase a copy and they sold it to Watson first! So basically, I hired them, paid them for their time and Watson gets a copy for only the price of the transcript. And imagine how much business Merit gets from Watson this way. Who do you think their loyalty is going to go to?

    Some of the discrepancies between what was said in court and what ended up on the transcript include the following:

    “¢ After I pointed out to the Judge that the Affidavit of indebtedness submitted by plaintiff in support of summary judgement was fraudulent, Plaintiff’s attorney told the court that “he meant to withdraw the previous affidavit.” This statement did not appear in the transcript.

    “¢ When I was questioning the bank’s alleged witness and document custodian why she lived in Jacksonville (where OneWest’s sub-servicer LPS is located) when OneWest’s Loss Mitigation office was in Austin, TX, I asked what her work address was and she gave me a different address than the one in the transcript.

    “¢ At the end of the trial, when the judge was reaching for excuses as to why he was finding for the plaintiff, he said, “Because you said you signed ‘A’ Promissory Note”¦”, is missing from the transcript. (when asked, I told the judge I signed a note, but I did not sign either of the two counterfeit notes presented by the plaintiff!)

    A few few other words were misspelled, changing the whole meaning of the sentence in which they were contained, such as:
    “¢ “LENDER Processing Services” was allegedly mistyped as “UNDER processing services”
    “¢ My reference to Watson’s [AG consent order] as the “ASSURANCE Agreement” was allegedly mistyped as “INSURANCE agreement”.
    “¢ My statement that “The original lender had no authority to ASSIGN the note.” Was changed to “The original lender had no authority to SIGN the note.”

    Subtle, yes, accidental, I believe not.

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