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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Florida’s Sixth Circuit Court….A Tough Court System, But A Fair One…..

handling-foreclosure-casesMark Stopa is one of the fighters in this foreclosure war to be sure. And he’s certainly known to share his thoughts…with quite a bit of intensity and passion.

And so today when I read his post today, I found it most interesting because it reflects the experiences most attorneys share about practicing in this area.

Professionals Practicing with Professionalism. Judges Passing Fair And Reasoned Judgement

Like Mark, my body is bruised (and sometimes bloody) from taking the body blows and punches because my clients are in the cross hairs of the legal system, but every client, every pro se litigant, every concerned citizen gets a fair hearing…..exactly what our founding forefathers demanded.



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  • John Anderson says:

    I agree totally with Mr Stoppa.
    As a pro se defendant,I have been treated fairly by my judge in the sixth that was commenced 10/30/08.
    When I hear of court’s here in Florida and other places that refuse to follow civil procedure’s and law, on foreclosures, is a affront of liberty, and a example of judicial anarchy.
    Good Post Mr Stoppa
    Thanks to all attorneys who insist on a fair hearing of their clients intrest.

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