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Florida’s Reckless And Out of Control House of Representatives Sued in Florida Supreme Court!

Thankfully, Florida’s Democrats are standing up and showing real leadership.

Now the question is whether the Florida Supreme Court will act swiftly and speak decisively:

Article III, Section 3(e) of the Florida Constitution, provides that “[n]either
house shall adjourn for more than seventy-two consecutive hours except pursuant
to concurrent resolution.” On April 28, 2015, at approximately 1:15 p.m., the
Florida House of Representatives adjourned sine die. See Appendix Tab 1 (Journal
of the House of Representatives, April 28, 2015 at p. 951). Because the 2015
legislative session was scheduled to continue until midnight on May 1, 2015, this
action of the House of Representatives constituted an adjournment in excess of
seventy-two hours. The House of Representatives took this action unilaterally; it
did not adjourn pursuant to a concurrent resolution. Steve Crisafulli, as the
Speaker of the House of Representatives, is the presiding officer of the Florida
House of Representatives.

To date, the House of Representatives has refused to recognize that it has
acted in a manner contrary to the requirements of the Florida Constitution.


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