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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Florida’s Fascist Republican Party In The Face Of Foreclosure Prosecutions And Abject Corruption…SWITCH YOUR PARTY REGISTRATION TO DEMOCRAT!

Let see where we are today in the State of Florida…The extremist wings of the Republican Party…and at this point in time, that seems to be about the entire Republican Party of Florida…are aggressively pursuing legislation, Senate Bill 1666 and House Bill 87, that target Florida consumers.

And then today, the long line of scandals that show how the Republicans in this state operate got even longer with news that the Lieutenant Governor resigned.   I thought she was gonna resign because of the other lawsuit pending…not a newly disclosed criminal investigation….wow…hard to keep up with them.

On the other hand, we’ve got Florida Senator Darren Soto and other Florida Democrats filing legislation and standing up to fight the real fight for consumers.





  • neidermeyer says:

    You’d have to be an absolute moron to think that the Democrat Party wouldn’t sell you out twice as quick if they were in power ,, just look to Washington… I did however change affiliation to the “Constitution Party” …

  • Ban KKiller says:

    Gee, must be campaign donations in there somewhere!

  • US CITIZEN says:

    Our legal system is in real trouble. Part of the problem is corruption; part of the problem is the abuse of authority on the part of both judges and lawyers; part of the problem is that too many young lawyers do not udnerstand their ethical duties and have no concept nor intention of “earnestly working toward and seeking justice” for their clients; part of the problem is that lawyers are chsrging the consumer outrageous hourly fees such as $200-$300 per hour for simple cases – they are charging most consumers 10-15 times the hourly wage of the average consumer and this is why so many go without legal counsel and thus are not represented and receive nothing but injustice; part of the problem is that younger lawyers do not have a secure wise grasp of the law nor equity nor justice and are so narcissistically pumped-up with their purported authority as “licensed” lawyers that they refuse to communicate with their clients other than giving their clients disrespectful “orders” and confusing incoherent mumbo-jumbo instead of clear answers – often to cover-up their malpractice and ineffectiveness due to laziness and carelessness and lack of ethics; part of the problem is that we are graduating far too many lawyers without properly preparing them ethically for a profession which is suppose to further the administration of JUSTICE on behalf of their clients. Too many younger lawyers in the State of Florida are far too disrespectful toward both their clients and older lawyers who are more experienced, and they simply refuse to consider any “legal understanding” other than own flawed inexperienced self-perpetuated unwise unjust legal misunderstandings. Atleasst 25% of our Nation’s law schools need to be closed and study or the practice of law as a licensed “proessional” needs to be extended to 5 years instead of 3 with a very strong concentration on ETHICS and the actual meaning of JUSTICE and the ADMINSITRATION o JUSTICE on behalf of CLIENTS. Hourly wages demanded from clients need to be REGULATED so that legal representation can become within the real grasp of the middle and lower economic stratas. The law schools need to STOP pretending that lawyers will be RICH and need to teach law students that their purpose is to work earnestly on behalf of real clients – real people for a resonable wage. We also MUST have TORT REFORM and we must take bette care of our tortiously injured who most often are left uncompensated via insurance coverage for the devastgating torts of others. WE also must promote COMPASSION, WISDOM and proper client communication in our law schools. If we do not do these things then this system will self-destruct sooner than any of us may think – much sooner – because the vast majority of the American People are suffering GROSS INJUSTICE via lack of representation and even if they do make it into Court then many find the Courts are so flawed with judges who do not take the time to consider EQUITY and JUSTICE when rendering their decisions which have the power to grossly UNJUSTLY and negligently effect the lives of the wronged for years and years to come.


  • Randy Young says:

    The concerns of the rise of Fascism in the US are real. Watch this video to understand how this could occur if not understood by both Democrats and Republicans.

  • Ruby says:

    squares with various tea leaves and tea flavors inside each square.
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