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Florida’s Attorney General Sells Out Every Consumer In Florida

florida-AGFlorida’s Attorney General is supposed to represent the interests of consumers and citizens, but it’s apparent that you’ll need to look elsewhere if you want someone to stand up for the rule of law or protect the rights of consumers.

I doubt that anyone in the Attorney General’s Office cares what consumers think, but just for kicks, call the AG and let her know how you think she’s doing.

The AG’s phone number is 850-414-3300 or log on to the website here and fill out the form

Like I said, everything I see coming out of Tallahasse is utter contempt for the citizens and the rule of law…they don’t care what you think.   I suppose my only hope is they get so out of control that people finally stand up and make it clear they won’t be pushed around anymore and our “leaders” recognize that we cannot allow systemic wrongdoing to go completely unpunished.

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