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Florida’s Attorney General Report on Fraudclosure- ECONOMIC CRIMES DIVISION

The name says it all.   Florida Attorney General.   Economic CRIMES Division.   Hat tip to 4ClosureFraud for getting their hands on this presentation and posting it.   This is a MUST READ for anyone who has any interest in the fight to restore integrity to the courts and the foreclosure process and who is interested in the much larger FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

I admire the very clear and simple language used in the presentation.   What’s so compelling about this is the larger fight has been picked up by some of our leaders and especially the press.   As Florida’s new Attorney General is now facing her first week in office, it certainly will be interesting to note just how active a role she personally takes in the investigation and prosecution of ECONOMIC CRIMES in this state.

Here’s one unavoidable thought….now that Florida’s Attorney General has found and is publishing information like the kind found in this presentation, the office cannot ignore the issues presented in cases all across this state.   This is simply not going to go away. It cannot go away, nor should we want it to.   This is all like a massive, terribly infected boil that covers the state.   All we can do is lance the boil, let the gooey, nasty, infectious material bleed out and let the lenders start all over again.

And then, just maybe they’ll start working with the taxpayers who are paying hard earned money to subsidize their operations….and now without further adeiu….


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