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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi and Occupy Florida—and the banksters just keep on keepin on….

FL-attorney-generalBy now the world is wide awake and fully aware of Occupy Wall Street. And those of us who have been in this battle for years know exactly what they are protesting.   We’ve sat right on the front lines and experienced first hand the consequences of living in a country where the “leaders” are owned by the banks and corporations and the people our “leaders” are supposed to serve are mere annoyances that interfere with the cozy corporate relationships that produced campaign contributions and feed the party apparatchik.

Remember years ago Florida’s Attorney General launched NINE, Count them NINE investigations of the foreclosure mills and their henchmen?   Just consider how many millions of dollars were spent on those investigations.   Just consider the dumptrucks full of evidence that was collected.

And now what’s happening with all of that?   Nothing.   Crickets. Silence.

But then, that’s how the 1% roll.   And they will get away with it. Scott free.   No consequence or penalty.

Unless you do something.   I am frightened by the Occupy Movement and what will happen.   I am frightened not because of them, but because of the awful, corrupt power of the 1%.   Already we’ve seen JPMorgan Chase pay off the NYPD, and the next week hundreds of protestors were arrested.   Next, Chase invests $400 million in Twitter then the #Occupy account is frozen….but then I’m sure it’s all a coincidence.

But closer to home, just focus carefully on what Florida’s Attorney General is up to.   Prescription drugs and Timeshares….not word one about the single greatest crime spree that ever crossed our state or infected our entire court system….not one…..

I want some politician in this state to stand up and be the voice for law and order, for our courts, for our laws, For The People.

And should you think I have any love for the Democratic party, forget that.   It’s just mind blowing that the entire Democratic party just sits on the sidelines and lets Rick Scott and Pam Bondi and the thugs in the state legislature, run this state like a mafia crime family. The Democrats are weak, timid and useless.

The only hope perhaps is Occupy….



  • Eugene Villarreal says:

    It’s not that the Democrats are weak, timid and useless, it’s that the Democratic and Republican politicians are part of the power elite cadre. They don’t march until told to do so. Once they are elected into office, they are initiated into the system and become zombies. With promises of HOPE and fields on ambrosia we dumbasses continue to vote for them.

  • Jon Valjon says:

    “… (T)hey will get away with it. (Rick) Scott free.”

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