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Response to Florida’s Attorney General Appeal in Foreclosure Mill Case

Florida’s new Attorney General is continuing in the epic battle on behalf of all Floridians in this Foreclosure War.

A little background from the Palm Beach Post here.

But the real good stuff is in the pleadings that are filed in the court cases.   These are tough times, but it certainly is encouraging to know that Florida’s Attorney General is working hard to fight for Floridian’s rights.   Please read the documents and come to your own conclusions about the legal issues involved and especially the response to the appeal that was just filed by foreclosure mill Shapiro Fishman’s attorneys.   This is a key battle, but regardless of the ultimate decision in this case, I think some of the most important issues are already laid out in the appeal.

If Florida’s Attorney General cannot investigate law firms, then who in God’s name can?

foreclosure-newsIf these kinds of arguments prevail then we’re in far worse trouble than we already are….I hope our Appellate Courts recognize the gravity of these issues.

Petition Writ Certorari

Rsp Petition Certiorari

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