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Florida Supreme Court- Major Foreclosure Case Dismissed (Bye Bye Pino)

Floriduh’s courts are choked with fraud.   From one side of the state and down to the other.   But that’s not just what I say, listen to what Florida’s 4th DCA said:


And the 4th DCA certified a question and wanted Florida’s Supreme Court to answer the question, “What should courts do when presented with fraud?” Now my answer is very simple.

Courts should punish fraud.   But what do I know….right?   Anywhoo, the Florida Supreme Court was going to provide direction in that regard but as I looked on the docket this morning, I see that the case has been dismissed. Bye Bye Gone.

Florida Supreme Court Docket

And so yet again justice takes a pass.   A back seat. A Ride. Sigh.

So still we are left to wonder, “What should courts do when presented with document fraud and other abuses?”

Florida’s Pino


  • Cathy Cannivet says:

    On July 25th, same day as Pino dismissal, we were scheduled for a hearing in Collier County to address our motion to dismiss based on (Wells Fargo/Option One & Marshall Watson) fraud, lack of standing, lost note etc. We arrive at the courthouse thinking we would be attending a hearing for the judge to rule and instead we were told “your case is over with, settled, you are going to mediation”. WHAT??!! Mediate with who? We don’t know who has standing… Is THIS how FL has decided to handle all the fraud cases? Ya gotta be kidding!

  • John Anderson says:

    If the fraud was by any other party other than the banks, it would have been dealt with differently.
    If the 4 th DCA can not get the State Supreme Court to address this issue, they should address it themselves. They should have dealt with the fraud by denying the plaintiffs the action they sued upon.
    This is the governmental anarchy, that I have become aware of only recently.
    As a citizen, I have always felt that our officials were duty bound to follow the rules, and more importantly the laws.
    Thanks Matt for reporting the sorry state, of our justice system.

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