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Florida Senator Soto Fights to Ensure Foreclosure Funds Are Used To Assist Floridians in Foreclosure

Senator Darren Soto is a Giant in The Fight For Consumer Justice.   If the voters in this state would finally wake up and rally behind him, we’d see real changes for the plight of all consumers….
From WFSU:
Florida received more than $330 million as part of a multi-state foreclosure fraud settlement with the nation’s biggest banks. Other states have used their share of the dollars to plug budget holes, and they’ve been criticized for not spending the money on housing-related issues. That’s not the case in Florida. Still, as the legislature works to craft a budget, some lawmakers worry their colleagues may be tempted to spend the money in other ways.
” At one time we were actively given a court order for mediation. We went to the mediation. Two days later we found out they were actively foreclosing and our home was on the auction block,” says Jean Bagga, with PICO Florida.
Bagga’s story is similar to thousands of Floridians who have found themselves in foreclosure and then to strike deals with banks only to get the runaround. The nations’ five biggest banks were sued in the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis for things like fraudulently foreclosing on homeowners. The state’s share of the $25 billion settlement was $330 million. And the battle over how to spend the money began back in October, when Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi insisted the money be used to support housing programs, while other lawmakers wanted to use the money to go to other areas.

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