When it comes to Florida real estate litigation, there are many ways that an experienced attorney from Weidner Law can help you. Today we’re talking about some of those methods and why they are important to you and your real estate litigation case.

How Florida Real Estate Litigation Attorney, Weidner Law, Can Help You

Condominium Association and Homeowner’s Association Disputes

Florida real estate litigation attorney, Weidner Law can help you if you’re facing foreclosure on liens by your homeowner’s association, condominium association, or whether you’re facing bank foreclosure on mortgage loans. By providing you with fair representation, Weidner Law makes sure that your case is heard and that you aren’t being bulldozed by affluent corporations.

Real Estate Closings and Disputes

When conducting any real estate transaction it’s always crucial to examine every aspect of the transaction before finalization. Without prior experience, however, how can you be sure that your real estate closings or disputes are being handled fairly and legally? The truth is that most people don’t! That’s why you need an experienced Florida Real Estate Litigation attorney on your side. An attorney from Weidner Law will be able to overview every step of your real estate closing or dispute to be sure that you aren’t being suckered, ripped off, or pushed into anything you aren’t prepared for!

Post-Closing Disputes in Real Estate

With a good attorney on your side throughout the real estate closing process, you won’t have much to worry about post-closing! If, however, you did not have a reputable attorney on your side during the closing process and you have run into problems with a dispute now that you’ve already closed, it’s time to get in touch with one of the real estate attorneys at Weidner Law. Your attorney will be able to guide you through the muddy waters of real estate litigation and make sure that you come out on top!

Concerns Related to Reverse Mortgages

If you or your elderly parent has got caught up in a reverse mortgage operation that has turned out to be much less than routine, a real estate attorney from Weidner Law can help you there too. With a wealth of experience in the field of reverse mortgages and a thorough knowledge of the reverse mortgage operations in the St Pete area, your Weidner Law attorney can step in and make sure that you don’t lose it all!


If you have been left in charge of the real estate of a dearly departed loved one, you may need the services of a probate attorney. Weidner Law is one of the most recognized names in probate attorneys, and they can help you with all of the various steps in the probate process to be sure that your role as estate executor is carried out according to the law and according to the wishes of your departed loved one.

Resolving Foreclosure

Facing foreclosure can be daunting especially when you don’t have the legal knowledge to navigate the paperwork pertaining to your foreclosure case. Fortunately, the attorneys at Weidner Law have the experience needed to help you to resolve your foreclosure case with the least possible impact on your physical and mental wellbeing and with the most favorable outcome possible.

Assisting with Short Sales

Occasionally, homeowners run into financial difficulties where they are forced to sell their home as a “short sale”. This means selling your home for less than you currently owe to your mortgage lender. For a short sale to proceed successfully, your mortgage lender must agree to accept less than you owe on your mortgage loan. An experienced Florida real estate litigation attorney can help you to proceed with a short sale by overseeing the process and acting as a go-between with your loan company or bank.

Deed in Lieu

A Florida real estate litigation attorney from Weidner Law can also assist you with a deed in lieu. A deed in lieu is a foreclosure solution where a homeowner conveys all interest in a property to the mortgage lender. Doing this can satisfy a loan that is in default and avoid the foreclosure process from proceeding. Understanding, negotiating, and carrying out the deed in lieu process can be complicated, however, and it’s always best to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side who can serve as your representative.

Loan Modifications

In some instances where homeowners are facing foreclosure after falling behind on a mortgage loan, it is possible to go through a loan modification process. In a mortgage modification, the lending company is amenable to modifying the original terms of a loan outside of the original terms of the mortgage contract. By permanently restructuring a mortgage loan, the intention is to assist the homeowner in keeping ownership of their home by making monthly payments more affordable. A real estate attorney at Weidner Law can assist you with every step of the loan modification process not only to ensure that everything goes smoothly but also to ensure that the modifications made to your loan are legal and made in your best interest.

Protecting Homeowners in the Military

As a homeowner who is actively serving in the military, you face some unique challenges when it comes to homeownership and mortgage lending. All too often, mortgage lenders and banks are taking advantage of our service men and women who are deployed without regard to the protections that are afforded to you brave men and women who fight for our freedoms. Fortunately, when homeowners in the military face these types of challenges, the attorneys at Weidner Law can step in and make sure that you are represented properly and fairly and that these unscrupulous lenders are quickly put in their place!

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