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Florida Quality Council, Powerpoint From Today’s Meeting

It was a great pleasure to have been invited to speak at today’s meeting of the Florida Quality Council, a group with a long and distinguished history of raising issues related to mortgage fraud and problems within the lending and title industries.   Today’s meeting was filled with professionals that participate in all aspects of the foreclosure crisis, from lenders, to attorneys to title agents and even members of law enforcement and regulatory bodies.

It is absolutely clear that both people in the industries are really starting to get a grasp of just how significant the problems with fraud and abuses are in this crisis, and I am also cautiously optimistic that forces will convene to force changes to many of the problems we have identified.   After presenting my presentation at this meeting, I’ve traveled over to the Attorney’s Title Fund Annual Assembly.   The Fund as it is known is the oldest and respected members of the title insurance industry, but The Fund, like most other title insurors are ignoring the major problems that the foreclosure crisis are creating in the title market….problems that I believe will cause the title industry and real estate markets in general to collapse.

For now, click here for powerpoint presentations.

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