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Florida- Land of the Living Dead…

The following article was shared with me by an attorney who correctly analogizes what has happened with our nation’s land records with what is occurring with death records.

Our official records were sacred.   From the beginning of our nation’s history, the world could rely on birth, death, mortgage and other legally-defined “Official Records”, these records were always intended to be the literal foundation of our nation.   Today I stand in court and hear attorney’s say,

“Your honor I’ve instructed my attorneys to alert you to potentially fraudulent records, but then when you see them, you must ignore them.”

It’s back to the whole promissory note thing.   It’s not just that the endorsements may be fraudulent or invalid, it’s the fact that our courts should ignore the other fraud that comes with it.

Why should our courts go along with this?   Here is where we are heading…

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