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This is a very important read from YOU JUDGE!

Remember the Family Feud?  There were two families feuding for the ultimate $$$ prize.  They had to answer questions that had been posed to 100 people and give the most popular answers, the more common the answer the higher the score.  100 people controlled and determined what answers had the highest value.  Valid?  Isn’t 100 too small of a sample?  My family loved watching that show when I was kid and I don’t recall a contestant ever saying, “Excuse me Mr. Dawson but I am taking issue with my answer not being up on that survey board because those answers are only based on 100 people.”

Name someone clothed in a black robe who needs improvement with courtesy, impartiality, and demeanor?  And the 2013 Palm Beach Bar Association Survey Said, Judge Diane Lewis.  If you give that answer during the current Judicial Race Feud going on in Palm Beach County, it will probably pop up #1 on the survey board.

In 2013 , according to the Sun Sentinal,  216 attorneys participated in the Palm Beach Bar Association Judicial Survey, 147 of the participants in that survey, responded that Judge Lewis needs improvement in the areas of courtesy, impartiality, and demeanor.  The Sun Sentinal, acknowledging that the survey is not scientific, went on to say that although they did not give the 2008 survey results any decisive weight even though Judge Lewis was criticized in that poll for her demeanor, they could not continue to ignore the survey results.


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