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Short post here…same thing, same maddening thing….


The Biggest Problem is Consumers Just Failing to Hire Attorneys

I’m looking through thousands of foreclosure records and I see the same thing over and over and over again…

A consumer who lost their home when they didn’t file the first piece of paper….

that’s just giving the home away to the bank…

a bank which likely could not win at trial


  • Anonymous Poster says:

    This is the issue. People CHOOSE not to pay a lawyer. And it is not that lawyers are unaffordable either in 9/10 case.

    A line from the TV show Two and a Half Men comes to mind. Charlie Sheen’s character was told “You cannot quit poverty.”

    Homeowners aren’t paying a mortgage but instead are being frivolous with their money, continuing a level of lifestyle that is not sustainable. They are buying cars, tvs and vacations and then do not have money to pay a lawyer to defend the most important possession, their home. That is not the lawyers’ fault, nor should we lower our prices to accommodate these people who are irresponsible.

    This is not the rule, but the majority I have seen. There are of course outliers who simply don’t have any excess income above normal expenses, but the majority simply have excess income not paying a mortgage or property expenses and blow it; not lowering their lifestyle to their lower income.

    • Pro se says:

      Even if you hire an Attorney, your chance to “win” is very small. Plaintiffs don’t go for SJ anymore they for trial. At trial the Judge lets everything into evidence does not matter how much you object. Good luck to have a trial decision overturn on appeal.

  • neidermeyer says:

    YES , that is happening and it will continue ,, people are wiped out financially… that is the point of the progressive income tax ,, and all the “fees” and taxes we pay to other gov’t entities ,, the election of a Marxist has accelerated the harm,,, middle class incomes have been destroyed .. 5 years of official decline while the inflation rate is between 8 and 10% and taxes rise and rise…

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