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Wow–this is big.   It appears that the Economic Crimes Division of the Florida Attorney General’s Office is investigating Florida Default Law Group.   Please click the link here for more information.




For all you people out there that feel victimized by the potential improper activities of this firm, please forward specifics of your complaints to the contact information provided.

Forward to them assignments, affidavits of fees, especially affidavits of attorneys fees.   MAKE SURE YOU SEND ANY INFORMATION CERTIFIED MAIL AND MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW UP TO CONFIRM RECEIPT.

We will all need to follow this investigation closely, continue to bring investigators information and keep the pressure on.   You cannot assume that because an investigation is open, wrongdoing will be found.   Do your research, go into cases, (not just your own but others that are public records) and get that information to the investigators.fight foreclosure

The fact of the matter is the real questionable practices are going to occur on those cases where no answer or defense has been raised.   Get in those courtrooms and review files.   The files are public records and if you are polite and professional, you are permitted to review the files.

Ask to see the files that are ready to go for summary judgment.   Look closely at the affidavits and especially look closely at “original” notes.   When you see something questionable, flag the file, make copies, bring those questionable things to the attention of the staff that is there.

I’m looking for someone with experience to do such a review project here in Pinellas County if anyone is interested.


  • I am a foreclosure defense attorney in Florida. I am considering hiring a handwriting/document authentication expert to review alleged “original notes” that I suspect are merely digital copies. I am also interested in sharing information and documents with other foreclosure defense attorneys so that we can build a database of fabricated assignments and useful deposition testimony. If anyone is interested, please contact me.

    • John Lewis says:

      I was working with Freddie Mac and Washington Mutual who advised me that they do not have the original note and then Chase shows up at court via Florida Default group with the original note? I told the Judge that they could not find the Original Note and he said well here it is? It looked fabricated! It was not the original not but the ink was blue so the judge allowed it. They got a default judgement. I am appealing. There was no original mortgage and the note was not certified original.

  • Rick says:

    I am doing strategic defense work with our clients and your site offers a wealth of information. We are also fighting these fake docs with David Sterns group and FL Default.
    We are in the process of scheduling depos for several “authorized officers”. Yesterday we got a case that they didn’t even bother to re-establish the lost note they just attached an affidavit of a “certified copy of the original note” If you need assistance with the review project give me a call at 772-237-5618, I would be happy to lend a hand in forging ahead with the robo signatures falsified docs etc.

  • Mark Wetenkamp says:

    Push the rats out of one hole and they find another. Twice…twice I have come across clients who purchased their condos through questionable “brokers” (did not ask or verify employment) only to find out that they are not pushing mortgages currently…..BUT WORKING FOR “DEFAULT FIRMS”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ilouie says:

    What’s the catch?

    The case file cited below relates to a civil — not a criminal — investigation. The existence of an investigation does not constitute proof of any violation of law.

    It’s not a criminal investigation????
    Isn’t the ass AG from FDLG?

  • Dave L says:

    A group from the Hamlet and 4closurefraud is putting together a presentation for FDLE as we speak. We already have a Special Agent contact who is very interested and awaits our material.

    The Special Agent sits in Orlando and it sure would be great if Matt could come along!

  • Bri says:

    California should repeal laws allowing non-judicial foreclosures. Foreclosures need to be subject to court review from the get go. If the court’s can’t handle the caseload then the cases ought not to be allowed.

    • I have other sites. Please email me for a copy of the letter that I together, with others in a newly formed not for profit in Florida named Mortgage Justice drafted and sent to the Committee Members who killed the Florida Bill to turn this state into a retrospective non-judicial. Would love to help you guys get this outrageous unconstitutional non-judicial stuff out of California.

  • I spoke with Randi Shapiro in the FT LAUDERDALE Bureau of the ATTY GENERAL. She said that the investigation of FDLG commenced in OCTOBER of 2009.

    That was right about the time AG McCOLLUM asked FL HOMEOWNERS to send him their documents if they suspected foul play by lenders or servicers. It’s been 6 months already, what (if anything) do you plan to DO about it?

    Wasn’t this case originally being investigated by the TAMPA BUREAU & subsequently transferred to the FTL office?

  • Matt- and anyone else who is interested. I have been involved in forensic loan auditing and putting together Affidavits as a witness starting about 2 years ago. We have more stuff on all of these people who are a disgrace to your profession that most people. You may have seen the letter I sent you a copy of that was sent by Mortgage Justice to the State Capitol. We have examples of most things, or know about them from others. We have Vice Presidents of major banks who are in reality, Attorneys in a junior or even very senior capacity who work for FDLG, Marshall C. Watson, Shapiro & Fishman, the just as infamous David J. Stern or more. The problem is that it is not only the bad guys in the Attorney Mills who are corrupted – many of the judges clearly are also – there is no other explanation for their constant treatment of Defendants, utilizing this forged garbage, even when it is pointed out to the them in words of one syllable supported by actual evidence. Defense Attorneys need to be drawing judge’s attention to the fraud they are participating in by refusing to follow the Rules of Civil Procedure, Case Law and their own Rules of Judicial Conduct. Every case where these fraudulent documents and false statements are made needs to be referenced to the Florida Criminal Statutes. Three class three felonies times 100,000 cases is 300,000 class three felonies. Just one should be enough for those Judges to refer the erring Attorneys to the Bar for Discipline and to the Director of Public Prosecutions with a recommendation to investigate and if confirmed to prosecute within the full extent of the law. We have just put together a mailshot to prospective clients for a foreclosure defense attorney and to our amazement in one Circuit Court only over 50% of all new cases filed in the last 2 days have not complied with the Supreme Court’s rules. I am in the process of drafting another major letter, this time to the Supreme Court and hope to get the support of my colleagues in Mortgage Justice. Perhaps it needs someone who is not a lawyer to draw to their attention that for all their might and majesty they are not providing our citizens with the support they need in this difficult times. This cancer in our society runs deep. Lets not be afraid – it is not us who need to be in fear of this sleeping giant, the American Public.

  • Jan says:

    I am a 30 yr veteran contract & RE paralegal living in Brevard County. I am passionate about these frauds and follow many of the filings in our court. I have seen forged signatures on assignments, etc. I watch one local broker loans in particular, as I personally know the gentleman’s signature. The big guys buy(?) his loans, then create these allonges & assignments during a foreclosure process. The worst thing I have seen is a cut and paste document, where the borrower’s signature was obviously “pasted” on a document filed in the court, i.e. “original note, mortgage”. It was actually easy to spot due to the large blank spaces on the document itself, which don’t exist in originals.

    Unfortunately, many homeowners are pro se, otherwise I would contact their attorney with my findings. But being a non-lawyer, I can’t contact the homeowner (even though I feel for them).

    If you need a volunteer in Brevard, don’t hesitate!

  • Hillary says:

    So what is going to happen to all of these people who lost their homes when the banks didn’t have standing to foreclosure. Are we going to see law suits.

  • California says:

    Two attorneys have told me we will lose in court even if we motion for discovery…California Judges do not care whether the docs are real or forged…these judges are standing behind the servicer, who is the debt collector, all while pretending to be the Bank. They don’t want open this can of worms even if illegal activity is taking place.

  • ForeclosureSnoop says:

    Bill MCCollum (The Attorney General of Florida) is running for Governor of Florida. Perhaps a good campaign strategy would be for Bill MCCollum to enforce the law and help homeowners who have been affected by Florida Default Group and other law firms like them. A moretorium on foreclosures is in order until a complete and thorough investigation is complete and if illegal acitivities are found, re-visit all foreclosures and prosecute the law breakers. Write Bill McCollum’s website and support a moratorium on foreclosures in Florida.

  • steve roper says:

    I need help OI am a homeowner, and have had a foreclosure filed against my property, I have been ripped off by 3 mortgage defence companies and would like more information on the florida default group.
    How do i get the originals? are the originals supposed to be filed i need some direction can anyone help me?

    Thanks in Advance

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