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Florida Courts: Bankrupt! Wall Street Fat Cats: High on the Hog, Living the Dream!

canadyPlease read the article and click on the interview with The Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court.   Florida’s courts are underfunded to the point where constitutional rights are being violated. What I find most disturbing about that is the fact that the corporations and criminals that choked our courthouses and who are squeezing the constitutional rights out of every man woman and child in this state HAD THEIR 4TH MOST PROFITABLE YEAR ON RECORD.

It angers me that my state’s judges and court staff are worked to the bone.   They are frazzled, spent, ripped apart.   Demands have been placed upon them which are obscene and which show a total disregard and lack of respect for the entire judicial branch.   The foreclosure mills are a huge part of this problem because their continued misdeeds, improper filings and violations of basic court rules has been a drain on vital court resources.

Our courts were the last protection the citizens of this country had against the abuses of government and the corporations that own us all.   We are losing the protections that our courts used to provide and for that we will all pay a tragic price.   The 2011 Legislative Session has only just begun, and our courts are going to be asked to take major budget hits….we cannot permit our legislature to decrease one bit of funding.

From Chief Justice Canady- “In some ways this is the worst year we’ve faced.”

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  • steven0329 says:

    I’m not so sure everyone is buying the “we’re broke” cry from the states, cities, and courts. What many people have learned about are those non-publicly disclosed CAFR “slush” funds governments keep all to themselves. The CAFR’s are oft valued at BILLIONS of dollars, arising from investments in the financial markets. I say why don’t we start demanding our so-called public ‘servants’ to disclose their CAFR funds and exactly how much money is in them before they start jacking up our taxes!

  • millerjenn says:

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