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Florida Consumers Are About to be Punished….And Florida Courts Are Going To Pound…HARD!

Now that the federal and state governments have finished with all their prosecution of bank and Wall Street executives, now that they have exacted real penalties that are commensurate with the scale and magnitude of the crimes and the wrongdoing, our nations courts are moving quite swiftly to mete out real punishments against the consumers who sat back and allowed Wall Street and the banks steal trillions and rob from all of us.   And with the attention of legislators, policymakers and judges, consumers had better be ready to pay very real penalties for all the wrong that they have done.

Over the last several years, the majority of my practice has been homeowners that had only just gotten served with their lawsuit, but since January…I have gotten many, many, many clients who had just received Notices of Trial.

In counties all across Florida, millions of dollars is being spent to reward the banks with new and very aggressive trial dockets.

Consumers are about get caught in a very ugly massacre, with forced evictions and lots and lots of heartbreak.   They of course deserve this, after all the put Wall Street, the Bankers and our government through……


  • cocodo says:

    It is absolutely absurd to think consumers will penalized for the Fraudulent actions of the Banks & Judges. I happen to be a victim of FRAUDCLOSURE and we had preponderance of proof that FRAUD was involved and all MA state foreclosure laws were ignored. We were never in arrears. We were paying on an invalid loan. We paid almost $35,000 in legal fees and the Judge ruled in favor of the bank which could not & did not provide proof of following MA laws, ownership of loan or crediting almost $140,000 in under 5 years. We were actually mortgage free by 2003 but previous servicer for Freddie MAC was guilty of DEFALCATION and their attorney we later found out was a ROBO-SIGNER. Andrew Harmon of Harmon Law Offices. He is the David Stern of MA. We had a perfect payment history for 24 years and yet we were vicitms of an illegal foreclosure we never knew about until 43 days after it was bought with an INVALID CREDIT BID. All the while our son a front line Combat Veteran was serving our Country. Our lawyer ended up being a wold dressed in sheeps clothing. My dad almost had a heart attack when we showed him proof of every payment made on this loan. When is there gonna be a lawyer or State Official that is ETHICAL?

  • Danilo says:

    I was a victim rocket docket first hand December 2012 and appealed lower court decision with my attorney, “FWOP” never issued despite 4 yrs inactivity thru-out. Bankster J P Morgan-Chase requested motion to cancel fraudclosure auction sale.

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