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Flood Insurance- $450/Year For $350,000 in Coverage. Do You Have it?

The entire State of Florida is now firmly located well within the Cone of Insanity.   Whether we all get hit and to what degree we get hit is the trillion dollar question.

What does seem clear however, is that Florida….or at least some part of it…may be in big, big trouble.

So….the time for you to check on your insurance…and your coverage passed many, many days ago.  Governor Rick Scott did an interesting thing when he declared a State of Emergency over the weekend…..thereby closing out the possibility for those last minute people to get coverage.

I spent the morning on the phone with my beloved insurance agents (Fun Fact: I’m an insurance junkie and buy all the coverage I can get my hands on) as an example, the headline is correct. If you live in an area of Florida not directly on the water, flood insurance premiums are insanely reasonable. The further near the coast you get (of course) the higher the rates…but let’s face it, those rates are reasonable given the risk.

I also had a check up on my homeowner’s policy….and added in another $100,000 or Ordinance and Law coverage….for a mere $200/year. So what does that buy me? Well, when my home is leveled and it’s time to rebuild…and the new building requirements force me to build up an additional 12 feet and install 6 foot thick insurance policy will pay for all that extra dirt and concrete…rather than it coming out of my pocket.

Next, I’ve programmed my carrier’s phone number into my phone….and I’ll know exactly where to start making those phone calls.

Is IRMA gonna be bad? Who the hell knows…but I can tell you that I’m not waiting for days after the storm for my wake up call….and I advise everyone around to do the same.





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