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FL Attorney General: Clerks of Court Should Not Allow Public Records To Be Instruments of Deception

court-public-records“the clerk, in carrying out this duty and in order to protect the integrity of the public records and to avoid participating in the use of the public records as an instrument of deception…”

(From a Florida Attorney General Opinion)

 and then

“Scrutiny of the validity of an assignment of mortgage may be inappropriate under any circumstances”

(Florida Mortgage Bankers)

I recently had my rear end handed to me, a trial lost because the court refused to consider an obviously flawed assignment of mortgage.   The court bought, hook line and sinker, the argument made by the bank lawyer,

“We’ve got the note, ignore everything else.”

Like so many Americans, I’m disgusted by the state of our court system right now.   The fact that such absurd arguments are being made, much less the fact that they are succeeding is enough to make me want to start flying American flags upside down.   Seriously, our courts should just ignore key facts?

The courts are speaking, and this is apparently the message.



  • JamesM says:

    I thought you would find that opinion useful. Notably it was issued by a prior Florida AG, not the current one.
    It would be good if a current clerk of court sought, via a carefully worded request, a similar opinion from the current Florida AG.

  • speakout says:

    The main problem is that the “courts” we are going to are not really courts, but administrative tribunals. They can construct and construe anyway they want, once you give them jurisdiction over you, the human. Don’t consent to their jurisdiction. Stay in the “legal entity” you (all caps) I noticed they are changing the way they write my name in the case filings.
    Attempting to get jurisdiction over me, I keep saying I do not consent. They have no jurisdiction over the human unless you consent. Only “legal entities”, fictions. US citizen is a “legal fiction” all caps name. Human is a signatory and not liable for the debt. It is US debt (the corporation). Our legal fiction is the representative of the US.
    The courts have become so deceptive over the years, I don’t think even most lawyers know the depth of it. Remember it is coming from the elite top. The banksters goal is to own the world. They are very serious about this. We are their pawns in this quest. Attorney’s should beware in aiding and abetting financial terrorism, which is what this is. The people will get to the point that they will not put up with it anymore, because they need to stand up. The elites goal is to nuke us all, they believe only 500K people should exist on the earth. This is not a joke. See the Georgia guidestones. No one knows who put it there, but it talks about it. Also, Aaron Russo’s film – Freedom to Fascism. He was friends with David Rockefeller and this was disclosed to him which is why he did the film. We need to all claim the original land patent from the time of the country founding. It will give you absolute unalienable rights, not taxable, to your property. If the attorney’s want to help clients, they should be helping to do this process. You have to get the full metes and bounds description, Township, range and section, etc. of your property. then go to bureau of land management and find your original land grant from the original owner. You then bring it forward and accept it. Record it. You are now unalienable and no court, federal or state can foreclose. All lawfully done. This is how we take back America.

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