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First They Came For the Jews…..And I Did Not Speak Because I was not a Jew

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.” ~Martin Niemöller

In the years that I have been writing this blog, I’ve shared this quote dozens of times. I first heard this quote years ago, when I was a student who had developed a keen interest in Pre-World War II Europe and the stunning rise to power by the Nazi Party.   That interest has been rekindled as I sit first hand watching the intense conflict between the banking class and the rest of America.   The similarities in the economic, social and political circumstances of pre-Nazi Germany present day America are quite compelling.

Today in America, the broke, the unemployed and the borrowers are demonized, marginalized and maligned.   And while there is certainly plenty of blame to go around, we must all examine why so many of our fellow citizens are broke, unemployed and marginalized.   Again, much blame to go around, but the landed class, the banksters, the Wall Streeters, the Fortune 500 (ers) shipped their jobs offshore, produce the drugs and alcohol that cripple entire sectors of our society.   The enablers then provided endless handouts, subsides and programs of every description.   And then the two groups stand on either side and hurl rocks directly at the problem they created.

But much closer to home and my own interests, I am terrified by the way in which we have all sat aside and allowed a new and radically powerful group of people take control of our courts, our communities and our law enforcement.   I am of course talking about the banksters and the manner in which they have convinced courts, law enforcement and in many ways our entire country that because some bankster somewhere long ago might have provided a mortgage on a property, it is permissible for any one of their class to demand payment for that debt, regardless of the current bankster’s ability to provide any credible proof of that right.

And most terrifying, the agents working for the banksters are cloaking themselves in the uniform of humble civil servants and graciously offering to perform the critical tasks that our Constitution   and basic notions of fundamental rights requires that true civil servants perform.   Just click the link above and read how innocuous the pitch sounds,

“Let us struggling cities, help rid you of the hassle and worry of the condition of homes in your community.”

But implicit in this pitch is turning over the determination of fundamental Constitutional rights to private corporations who have shown an aggressive willingness to ignore rights and violate our most basic and crucial notions of privacy, fairness and the Rule of Law.   In short, they are willing to ignore the rights of all in order to aggressively advance the corporate interests they slavishly pursue.

It is no longer permissible for any one of you to stand beside and listen to the deafening march of totalitarianism as it descends down your streets.   You can no longer sit inside your home and live under the false security of laws and a system that you thought provided safety and protection to you and your family while the CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH of the Jack Booted Thugs rattles your doors and windows.

Today, I want you to do something real.   Today, I want you to take a first but powerful step to help take back this country.   This country that was yours but which has been consumed by the banks and the powerful special interests.   I want each and every one of the thousands of you that read this blog every single day to print out ten of these forms and hand them to ten of your friends. (Or in the alternative, share this blog post with ten of your friends.)   Either way, I am asking that each of you share this message with ten of your friends and ask them to sign and return the petition found below.

In some ways, this is still our country, but we must work together, we must work quickly and work very hard to take it back.   Take the first step, Please Return the Petitions as indicated below:


(And Please Click Here For the Amazing Story behind this breathtaking photograph.)


  • lies is all they tell says:

    thank you mat for the quote from martin. maybe everyonw will read this and wake up. maybe if you “have ” the money. when you buy your newspaper page when you are compagning please you this quote. because what we have in america is them aganist us. we have many diferent classes of people and no one wants to speak out and help. you have the homeless, you have the sectuin 8 housing people who gwt subsidized to rent, you have renters, you have peole whom live in their homes have not had a job loss or illness and can still pay their mortgages, then you have us the people struck hard by this. we had fraud committed at origination of the mortgage that soem how placed us in a morgtate we could never afford. but between all the underwriting standards not there for reason we all know by now is causing a whole new class of people to be stripped of everythign they own. i was just thinking this morning how a mortgage should be no more than 25% of your slary obama came up with 33%??? i was a hourly emplyee the mortgage application was by phone. i was an out of town buyer. so what she did was add a “few” thousands dollars to get my loan through. i owul dnever know it because i will not see the application until closing. it wasn’t tens of thousands so it will never get questioned. except iwas thinking today my mortgage was 1260 i had mothly incone of 4200 max and that working full time i was hourly so i could be canceled anytime. this alary was not set in stone. the mortage broker added 700 bucks to get me approved. enough to get in here, which was 300 miles north. slaries in this part of florida were a lot lower then where i came from. so that 700 bucks she added easily turned into over a thousand short to pay. why do this to people. sir i have emials between me and the mortgage broker i sent her my paycheck stubs she new what myslary was and should have been told to buy aless expensive house. there was 2500 homes for sale in hernando county at the time i am sure i could have found another house. but the application is just one aspect of the entire mess. the banks did not originate these loans. they did not loan their own money. whom ever the orginator should have been on the mortgage. i have been through the ringer pun intened (phone) with modification fraud with wells fargo. i wrote to the occ, the florida AG, and the congress. yes i am a jew and understand martins quote. no one helped the jewss everyone in the world watched as 6 milion jews were killed by hitler and here are again in the new holocaust. this time they are going after us the people whon are down on there luck and asked fo rhelp. lets throw them out of their homes. steal all their equity so we cant sell. use lawyers, judges and AG’s what about the kids. NO ONE EVER THINKS ABOUT THE KIDS. help us we drowning

  • Mike Hansen says:

    Matt, I’d like to help you, but am a bit confused on your plan of
    action. Are you planning to run as an Independent? or are you feeling out which Party would be better for a Primary bid?
    By the way, if you are looking for a text book example of every-
    thing you are talking about, look at Hillsborough County case #08-
    ca-008983. This is one of the most outrageous examples of fraud
    being condoned by one of our illustrious Judges, I have ever seen.
    Exposing this outrageous injustice could bring you alot of good
    publicity and help clean up some of the mess in Hillsborough County.

    I think Mark Stopa’s “shaming” of Judge Martha Crook may have
    had a beneficial effect. It brought him alot of positive PR. The
    Judge in the case cited also needs to be “outed” so we can clean
    up Hillsborough County.

    • Thanks Mike for this information. Last year a federal lawsuit was filed against against Judge Cook and others, see Gillespie v The Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, et. al, case no. 5:10-cv-00503-oc, US District Court, Middle District of Florida, Ocala Division. Just Google the case caption and case number, or use PACER. Feel free to contact me.

      Also see Admin. File No. 0828-FI-03/11, Florida Office of Financial Regulation (OFR), on the Application to Merge Judge Cook’s bank, Community Bank & Company Lakewood Ranch, Florida, (formerly Community Bank of Manatee), and First Community Bank of America, Pinellas Park, Florida, resulting institution: Community Bank & Company.

  • Mike Hansen says:

    What we face in this country right now is a kind anarchy such as the kind that led to the French and Russian revolutions, where
    the nobles and middle class became so corrupt and decadent that
    the working class decided to take matters into their own hands and
    start attacking their persecutors without regard to consequences.
    By the time Napolean and Stalin restored order, millions and
    millions of French and Russian middle class people had been exterminated and both countries were reduced to complete tyranny.
    To prevent this from happening in America, we remnants of the
    middle class better get off are duffs and clean up the corruption which is so widespread in our court system because when the workers
    of America decide justice is impossible, then all the corrupt judges
    and lawyers will be walking targets. It won’t be pretty.

  • Keith A. Verna says:

    Our way of life is under attack, our freedoms are being taken away, our worship in the true God is being diminished and will soon be unlawful punishable by imprisonment and then death. This is the beginning of the Great tribulation, the mark of the beast, the goosestep march of the new world order. Yet I fear not these things as much as I fear the ignorance and the sheep like attitude coming from people, young and old, all across this great country of ours. My own children don’t want to hear too much, too long about God, morality or the social and political issues facing us today. I hear the same thing from people every place I go. “WELL, WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT? Not only have we been brainwashed to fear in ignorance but now we are made to believe that we are powerless as well. There is a scripture in the Bible that says,” MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE”. God help us! At the very least we must open our eyes, we must know the seasons, we must SPEAK OUT! At the very least we must all be the messenger to all those around us. Regardless if they seem to hear or not. If each one of us can help to open the eyes of one out of a thousand, then we do well. WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY! FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN AND OUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN. The Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.

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