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Filing Fees Fund 90% of Court Budget- If Foreclosures Stop Our Whole Court System Is In Trouble….

filing-feesFraudclosuregate was not caused by attorneys defending homeowners, The Constitution, our courts and our judges.   Fraudclosuregate was caused by polluted, flawed and fatally corrupt industries and business models. They created bad paper and bad business when they started with all these loans   in 200-2007 that led to the subprime collapse in 2008.

Rather than learn the lesson and carefully review all the paper and practices presented by these industries, we’ve just allowed the same flawed business model and practices to infect our court system.

The problem, as indicated in the attached article and supporting report, is the bulk of our court’s entire funding comes from filing fees in civil cases….this problem is not going away……

A sharp drop in foreclosure filings has resulted in a steep decline in money available to fund Florida’s court system, although it’s not certain if that reduction in filings is only temporary, a state Senate committee has been told.

One senator on the panel said the Legislature and others should look at ways of speeding up civil cases as an alternative to spending more on the courts.

Florida Bar Article



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