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Foreclosure Defense Florida

FBI Investigating Foreclosure Auction Irregularities

The questions surrounding foreclosure auction bids and potential back end deals or inside deals continue to swirl around.   No smoking hot evidence yet, but interested parties are collecting and analyzing hundreds of interesting situations.   Now that these issues are being discussed and circulated, officials are taking notice.

For you people out there looking at the records, keep digging and keep your eyes open.   For proof that someone cares and is looking into it, please see the attached press release from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) about an active investigation in California.   Any questionable deals here in Florida should be researched and reported to the FBI if warranted.

Copy of the FBI press release hereFBI foreclosure

The release should serve as a little inspiration to all you people out there that sense something very wrong is occurring in this foreclosure process and that the Millionaire Foreclosure Mills and their Fat Cat clients are continuing to have their way with the normal people.

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