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Fascism On Parade: Rick Scott Sells Precious Florida Land To Connected Insiders

wetlands-banksForget about foreclosures….when the Rick Scott administration is done with this state, land will be so devalued because the stink of fraud and corruption will have so buried this state, no sane person would want to stay…much less any responsible corporation.
Speaking of corporations….Rick Scott is certainly fulfilling his campaign promise to make Florida more business friendly….he’s selling off our precious state in large chunks to developers.   God have mercy on all our souls….
And now, the latest ReTHUGliCON outrage of the day from the Tampa Times:
A controversial wetlands project that already has been the focus of two inspector general investigations was granted its permit last week by the state Department of Environmental Protection.
The Highlands Ranch Mitigation Bank project has been embroiled in controversy since May, when the DEP’s top wetlands expert, Connie Bersok, refused to approve the permit and subsequently was suspended.
Bersok contended that the project would be bad for the environment. Her bosses suspected she was leaking damaging information about it to activists and reporters, but an inspector general’s investigation cleared her.


  • John Anderson says:

    Rick Scott, or “Scotty” as referred to by his new palls at the Carlyle Group, “the same group that Sr Bush rolled with”, wants something, they usually get it.
    Now that corporations are “people” it’s power to the people.
    Kudos to Connie Bersok, for attempting to do the job she was hired to do “rare for a government employee” while resisting influence from connected parties.
    Now that Scotty has fixed this situation, he has shone himself as a team player for corporations “people” he will receive the support of the people “corporations” in his upcoming reelection bid.
    I see the profits to the people “corporations” but where are the jobs? And what kind of jobs “he had his mother working in a donut shop” are we going to get?

  • not an auditor anymore says: “FLORIDA CROSSROADS –
    – Rob Harrington 2012
    When trying to determine whether or not our politicians are to blame regarding the most turbulent times our generation has ever endured, the question will inevitably be asked, is it their fault, or ours – as citizens?
    An imploding economy, untrustworthy and unstable markets, “crony capitalism,” “aiding and abetting” of mass corporate criminality, and multiple wars all over the world with no definable strategic objectives, all serve as undeniable proof that something is dreadfully wrong in America today.
    The national and local news is typically bad, and whatever good news we hear is questionable or skewed.
    How did all this come to pass? Are all these subjects interrelated and connected? How do all of these events diminish our very freedoms and hope for prosperity and peace in our lifetime?
    When 84 year old Dorli Rainey was “pepper-sprayed” in the November 2011 Seattle protests, one could only wonder if this is the face of our enemy? Is she really a terrorist who wishes to destroy America?
    photograph: Joshua Trujillo
    Which really begs the question, are our national leaders, and even our own Florida Legislators, going after the right “dead-beats” and criminals?
    Why did Florida Representatives Matt Gaetz, Kathleen Passidomo, and all too many others, support a bill questionably called the “Florida “Fair” Foreclosure Act of 2012″…?
    (… “Fair” for just who, exactly?)
    POP QUIZ: The most important question of all is deciding if many of our Florida Legislators (and politicians in general) are accurately described as one, or more, of the following answers:
    O (A) Lazy.
    O (B) Ignorant.
    O (C) Morally bankrupted (by skewed lobbyist/special interest presentations, campaign donations, or party leadership steering efforts, all through some sort of “persuasion” or promise.)
    O (D) All, or any combination, of the above answers.
    (… be careful of “hanging chad.”)
    There are obviously no other apparent choices intellectually available to the voters (citizens, taxpayers and property owners…)
    As the lawsuits continue to mount over Wall Street’s lawless, relentless pursuit to illegally and unlawfully foreclose upon millions of American citizens and property owners, the truth about Wall Streets’ theft of millions of US citizens’ homes, lending fraud, securities fraud, and allegations of RICO, tax fraud, and money laundering, are now finally being exposed daily to the American people.
    (video source MSNBC/Dylan Ratigan Show)
    The illegal foreclosures and/or financial abuse of 1000’s of US Service Members proves that the bankers really don’t care about the laws that protect US citizens from fraud and theft. If they will blatantly cheat our soldiers, you can only imagine how they would cheat our citizens.
    Think about it… If they will blatantly cheat our soldiers, especially during a time of war, you can only imagine how they would cheat our U.S. CITIZENS, U.S. TAXPAYERS, AND U.S. PROPERTY OWNERS!
    Americans have clearly been defrauded by the very banks we have grown up with.
    Over the last year, countless County Registers of Deeds (Clerk of the Courts) across the country have made a determination that their County’s tax and fee collections on Real Estate Documentary Stamps and other related fees, have been potentially un-paid, or under-paid, by national Bank servicing firms and MERS members. MERS stand for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. Committed county administrators have further determined losses in upwards of millions of dollars, per certain counties, and such losses may be determined to be fraudulent by willful design.
    Similar investigations into the similar fact patterns experienced by other Counties across the country have yet to be initiated in full force in Florida.
    The emerging fact patterns of willful non-payment in taxes and fees remain highly consistent with numerous other Counties’ investigations and research across the country.
    Additionally, even Florida Counties are gaining knowledge as to potential losses by fraud. Jim Fuller, Clerk of the Duval County (Florida) Circuit Court, filed a lawsuit against MERS alleging the similar complaints. (Case # 2011-CA-008974-XXXX – entered October 8, 2011.)
    WHO IS MERS? (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.)
    They are/were all of the ” big banks” including Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
    WHY WAS MERS CREATED? In short, MERS was created to efficiently process ” loan ownership” information for less money, circumvent tax and fee collection, cloud titles, and portray an ever-changing, ” shape shifting face” of alleged ownership at the whim of its very elite membership.
    As to the false entering of fraudulent affidavits and other fraudulent documents into Florida County court and land records, ” alleged” felonies have been ” potentially” committed upon our citizens by many of the same foreign corporate entities. Their actions are unconscionable, egregious, and against the law. Moreover, they represent an insidious assault on the very legal, civil, and property rights expressly guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the Florida Constitution, and other Federal and State laws and statutes.
    For an example of both legal issues demonstrated above, in an interview regarding a letter sent to the Michigan Attorney General, Ingham County Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel, Jr., stated ” If a person committed this kind of widespread forgery and fraud, they would go to jail.” He continued to state, ” Therefore, we believe the banks should meet the same fates.”
    The American Independent newspaper article went on to clearly observe,
    ” In Michigan, Hertel has been a leading voice in ferreting out robo-signing foreclosure fraud. Robo-signing is a term used to describe the mass production of forged signatures on legal documents related to mortgage foreclosures and other matters.”
    Hertel has had a close working relationship with (Michigan A.G.) Schuette’s office and has referred several cases for criminal investigation. He is also suing several banks and foreclosure firms for allegedly failing to pay millions in property title transfer taxes. He is also suing the Mortgage Electronic Registration System alleging the same tax dodges.
    Many of our local counties (THINK FLORIDA WATER-FRONT…) may be missing the comparable dollar loss amount by county, but likely even more. This would be based upon property sales and related values during the local Florida ” booms and busts.” The ” boom and bust” was provably created with mass fraudulent lending. Fraudulent lending was enabled in two manners by manipulating appraisals which created artificial rises of values as related by artificial allowance of improper (illegal) extensions of credit. It was the artificiality of appraisals and improper (illegal) extensions of credit that lies at the heart of the mass fraud in Florida. (read more here):

  • Rob Harrington says:

    actually, read it here. I couldn’t afford to keep the “vote them all out site” going but this site will run until JPMorgan Chase kills me.

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