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FASCISM ALERT! States That Protect Consumers in Foreclosure Will Be PUNISHED!

By September 21, 20122 Comments

The Federal Housing Finance Administration, working in cooperation with the banks that are robbing Amerikans, sucking every bit of wealth out of the middle class and destroying our economy, just announced that they have drawn a new battle line in their strategic alliance that has successfully looted Amerika.

The banks and the Feds are attacking Amerika’s judges and court systems!

Now remember, they are crafty devils, these fascist overloards, so they are not coming into our courtrooms and dragging out our judges and lawyers kicking and screaming before they execute them in front of crowds whipped up into   a frenzy.   And no, they are not going to take all the law books and case files and burn them in the town square….yet.

But what they are doing is even more diabolical and systematically destructive to our nation’s courts and the Rule of Law…..

The banking cartels and their co-conspirators in government are choking our court system with additional fees…and I know that what’s coming down will be new legislation in states like Florida.

Rick Scott and the other fascists are licking their chops….

If you had any doubt that the ongoing coup by bankers and their allies was proceeding apace, the latest story from Shahien Nasiripour of the Financial Times should settle all doubts.
The pink paper reports that Fannie and Freddie’s regulator, the FHFA, plans to punish impose surcharges on borrowers in states like New York because foreclosures take longer there. This is the excuse, erm, rationale:

US borrowers in states where home foreclosures are costly and time-consuming will have to pay more for their mortgages, the top housing regulator has proposed.
Lenders originating new loans in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida and Connecticut will be forced to pay US-backed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac up to 30 basis points extra for their credit guarantee, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said in its proposal.
The fee would probably be passed on to borrowers. The agency said the surcharge would compensate for the increased cost of repossessing homes in the five states, costs ultimately borne by US taxpayers.



  • triumphant says:

    “… for their credit guarantee…”
    SOOOO, only a “guarantee” or do Freddie / Fannie “own” the “loans?” Who does the “guarantee” benefit???? Freddie and Fannie themselves? The so-called “lenders?” Or perhaps the MBS “certificateholders?”
    Is this an undisclosed “lender”-paid default insurance? Is it really subrogated? Why do Freddie and Fannie hide in the shadows while apparently conspiring with “loan” “servicers” to foreclose on America?

  • Pat F. says:

    You just won my vote for State Representative District 68.

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