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The Wall Street Journal today estimated that it will cost $685 billion to overhaul Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.   The reality is no one has any idea how much it will cost to try and bring some stability to the US mortgage and housing markets because all the talking heads and “leaders” refuse to acknowledge just how deep and pervasive the problems are.

Lets just think about the Law Offices of David J. Stern for a moment.   The putrid mess of concocted and fabricated documents that have been spewing out of this office for years have now so thoroughly polluted record title ownership in Florida that it might literally be impossible to clear the titles that emanated from this firm.   What shall we do with all the foreclosure judgments and titles that are now of record in counties all across Florida?   What should homeowners do who are currently being foreclosed on by the once mighty DJSP? The mess that is DJSP is a mess that was a creation of Fannie and Freddie and it occurred under their watch and supervision.

From a big picture perspective, it is totally irrelevant if a homeowner did not defend or file a pleading in a foreclosure case in which fraud was committed.   Our courts have a duty under the United States Constitution to prevent the kind of systemic abuses that have occurred from occurring and our courts have utterly failed in this regard.   The weaknesses and vulnerabilities of our court system were systematically exploited and violated for years, not just by this firm but others.   But then what does it matter, I mean these people aren’t paying their mortgage right?   Oh yeah, the problems that have been exposed are going to wreak havoc upon the broader United States economy.

I cannot imagine that this tiny little problem called David J. Stern has been factored into any of the wild estimates floating around and they certainly haven’t factored in the civil unrest that should come when more and more consumers realize they’ve been abused by the monster that was the Law Offices of David J. Stern.   But then none of this big picture stuff matters because the homeowner has not paid his mortgage right?

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