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Fannie Mae Inspector- Carries Guns, Issues Subpoenas, Makes Arrests

Fannie-May-LawyersYou know how I’m always railing and screaming about the abuses of government, warning about the crunching boots of the jackbooted thugs?

You’ve read my cases that document banks and servicers just kicking down doors, and taking peoples properties and utterly disintegrating that fantasy naive Americans had about the right to be safe from unreasonable searches and seizures and all that non sense….right?

I warned in the past and provided specific examples of Fannie/Freddie servicing guidelines that have servicers making “inspections” of Americans homes when they are 45 days late on their mortgage payments.

Well, let’s take the jack booted thug thug thing a bit further.   This comes from an industry newsletter:

Fannie Mae May Need Lawyers, Guns, Money

 (Origination News)

Wow, that’s certainly a comforting headline….right? Well this article references an article back at the Wall Street Journal

When Steve Linick first met senior managers at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac early this year, he told them he would be no ordinary Washington regulator. His office has the power to make arrests, issue subpoenas and conduct searches, and some of his employees carry badges and guns.He hasn’t hesitated to deploy those resources as the inspector general of the mortgage-finance companies’ regulator, the Federal Housing Financing Agency. Mr. Linick, who is set to brief Congress on his oversight on Tuesday, has 48 investigations under way and dispatched federal agents to the homes of several Fannie employees in October as part of an investigation related to defaulted commercial mortgages. Wall Street Journal

So you just kinda put things together and it’s certainly not out of touch paranoid delusions to think that we’re moving to a situation where agents of the government are just kicking down doors, guns drawn whenever they damn well please……


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  • Charles Cox says:

    I predict (and am surprised it hasn’t happened already) these bankster stooges will meet up with the wrong person at the wrong time and will face the resistence they (don’t) fear (but expect). So you don’t think this whole thing isn’t about the quest for power? Think again!

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