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Experts Weigh In- Fraudclosure Continues To Plague Courts- We All Pay The Costs

Just last week, the Palm Beach Post reported on hundreds of foreclosure sales that occurred, but which are a catastrophic mess, to put the term politely….

Scores of Palm Beach County homes were sold to investors at foreclosure auction this month for as low as $200 following the collapse of the David J. Stern law firm and ensuing confusion as thousands of its cases are reassigned.

It’s yet another muddle for the already overwhelmed foreclosure courts to sort out as former Stern cases went to auction with no bank representation, bids or proper public notice.


Palm Beach Post

Today’s Bradenton Herald likewise reports on a larger scope of problems with foreclosure cases that plague their court system

there’s been no concerted, effective effort to solve the crisis because it defies easy solutions and is merely a symptom of broader economic issues.

” The magnitude of the problem is so severe that no one can wrap their minds, their heads, their jurisdictions, their enforcement powers around it,” he said. ” This is a problem of such profound magnitude that our best minds … simply can’t fathom a solution.”


The larger world is starting to grasp that this effects us all.   Every last one of us.   It hits us all right in the pocketbooks. Log onto those stories and leave comments….our press is our only hope.

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  • Matt you are an American Patriot of Justice.

    I personally am waiting for the NEXT shoe to drop as Lender Processing Services lawyers up to fight the multiple lawsuits against them by their investors. I was listening in on that conference call when Mr. Carbinier lied OPENLY about the risk posed by current events in the media with robosigners and LPS’ exposure to risk. He basically said that their business was only going to get stronger because foreclosures were going to escalate… NOW they are going to deal with his lies (and frankly tantrums, blaming bloggers for the rumors-OH BROTHER)

    Next shoe? WHO is going to “construct” the fake document packages needed for banks to foreclose with the understanding the LPS handles over HALF of them in the country?? Servicers are not ABLE to do this, they have NEVER done this, and relied on the expertise of the professional fabricators to conjur up the affidavits and documents with falsified signatures.


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