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Excellent National Article That is an Indictment of The Florida Foreclosure Process

It is critical to note that the court process that has developed in Florida is being maligned and properly criticized by national observers…read on:

The facts are that about 95% of the Florida foreclosure cases get slam dunked without so much as a whimper from anyone. The foreclosure mills don’t even come into court to get their summary judgments, they just call them in. Actually, they get the judges to call them. You see these mill lawyers are very busy beavers and court and due process and proper evidence are just nuisances that should be avoided at all cost.   So the most time a ” mill” lawyer has to spend on a foreclosure case is about 90 seconds on a call in to the judge’s chambers”¦yup, not even in open court. Today, in America, a consumer can lose a home over the phone.   This reminds me of the old TV show called ” Dialing for Dollars” but this time in reverse.  Now the mills are still dialing in for dollars but also securing an order of foreclosure at the same time.   And, by the way, I could possibly agree to own a foreclosure or bankruptcy mill if the firm made $2,500.00 for 90 seconds of ” real lawyer” work.   It is not bad money if you can get away with and still sleep at night.   I have trouble sleeping anyway so this would never work for me.

I don’t like that our courts have become a national joke in the midst of this foreclosure catastrophe. The phenomena of a nameless voice on the other end of a phone dialing in for hearings really disturbs me.   I really wish more press and advocates were watching and documenting just how absurd the process is.   I find it especially disturbing that mill attorneys from across town don’t find it compelling enough to attend these hearings in person and that our judges and their staff spend their day juggling phones in favor of these mills.

Really insulting was a recent phone in hearing where the foreclosure mill attorney asked to have the argument repeated because he had just returned from the bathroom and had missed the argument….yes, this occurs in an American courtroom.

Read the full article here.

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  • homesalvationgal says:

    The arrogance of these banks makes me sick..
    An attorney who goes to the bathroom while in litigation.. WOW.. talk about big brass ones.
    I would love to see more attorneys like Matt who are just as sick of this stuff as the rest of us!!

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