Appointing a Health Care Surrogate

Health Care Surrogate

If you are unable, who will decide your care?

Appointing a Health Care Surrogate

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What is a Health Care Surrogate?

A surrogate decision maker, also known as a health care proxy or as agents, are advocates for incompetent patients. If a patient is unable to make decisions or speak for themselves about personal health care, someone else must provide direction in decision-making, as the surrogate decision-maker. If there is a durable power of attorney for health care, the agent appointed by that document is authorized to make health care decisions within the scope of authority granted by the document. If people have court-appointed guardians with authority to makes health caring decisions, the guardian is the authorized surrogate.

At Weidner Law we work closely with our clients and help them understand the importance of executing this document so that a client’s wishes and intentions are know and properly respected.

Spare your spouse and children from potential expense and legal issues that can arise when these documents don’t exist.

With just one phone call, and for only $295, Weidner Law will interview you and then prepare a complete set of estate planning documents ensuring that all of your wishes are known and in writing.

Attorney Consultation

One of our attorneys will talk with you about estate planning and guide you through the process. Then, we will get the documents prepared.

A Will

A properly prepared Will can avoid uncertainty and legal issues that can burden families after a death. Proper planning can save time, money and unnecessary inconveniences.

A Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney, without question, is the single most important legal document to have because it can provide important security and convenience for you and your loved ones right now.

With a Power of Attorney there is no need to frantically try reaching you for a signature on minor paperwork or with the kids as school or the doctor’s office. The Power of Attorney provides the authority and both of you are covered.

A Health Care Surrogate

A Health Care Surrogate ensures you wishes are clearly stated in the event you are unable to make decisions regarding medical care. This can eliminate loss of valuable time in emergencies.

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