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Easter Blessings- The Spiritual Component of Foreclosure

This is really powerful stuff here, amazing and strong and powerful….
Wrongful Foreclosure is like living in the midnight hour—from the unlawful notice of foreclosure to the potential court ordered eviction. While there are millions of families facing the bitter reality of wrongful foreclosure, it is not just a physical, emotional and financial ordeal but also a spiritual battle. Satan is a spiritual being who, among other things, is described as a ” thief”. (John 10:10) In order to carry out his job description he must use human beings willing, ready and able to do his bidding. At the very core of every wrongful foreclosure are three spiritual satanic goals—to steal, kill and destroy. Steal your home, kill your land ownership rights and destroy your family and shelter.
However, for those of you who recognize the annual celebration of the resurrection of Jesus [Yeshua] Christ, you have HOPE and VICTORY! Jesus said, ” I came that they [that’s you] might have life, and that they might have it abundantly. (John 10:10)
Don’t you dare celebrate on Sunday unless you promise yourself to never give up and not yield to the “˜deadly emotions’2 associated with foreclosure. Why shouldn’t you give up? Simple– because Jesus died and was resurrected such that you might have evidence of hope through faith. The competent evidence of Jesus resurrection is more reliable and verifiable than any fact you will ever know or believe. Otherwise, you would not have billions of people celebrating his resurrection (not the easter bunny and eggs) annually all over the world (Christians, Catholics, Messianic Jews, etc.). The integrity of God’s word is perfect, holy, pure, sovereign and immutable in all respects.

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  • Penni says:

    So Matt, did you send in a response to Judge Collyers court before she ruled on the AG’s complaint settlement with the banks? With the time now gone by that anything can be done about it…you can tell us, can’t you? Did you even bother to oppose a ruling taking place until more investigation had been done? DID YOU DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN WRITE BLOGS ABOUT HOW HARD YOU ARE TRYING? DID YOU CONSIDER INFORMING YOUR READERS ABOUT THE RULE 24 INTERVENTION?
    Sincerely interested if you even tried. Penni

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