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Don’t Arrest The Criminal Bankers- Arrest the Protesters!- A CALL TO ARMS!

LA-foreclosure-protestSmall groups of people are finally starting to protest…and some of them are getting arrested.   That’s a good thing.   We need more arrests.   I say arrest all the protesters.   Lock them up and throw the keys away….at least they’ll have Three Hots and A Cot and a roof over their head. (Until we all realize that the jails are all mortgaged by municipal bonds…the next big financial crisis but that’s another story.)


Anywhoo, forget about protesting the bank…where we need to focus our efforts is protesting and protecting the homes that the banks are trying to take.   We’ve all got to wait for the right case, but when the right case and the right person comes along, the message goes out that we all show up at this person’s home after the Writ of Possession is filed.   I’ll send someone to the courthouse to make copies of all the robo signed documents, the non-verified complaint, the post dated assignment, the bogus service of process then we’ll all meet at the person’s home (with their permission of course) and we’re not leaving. PERIOD.   While we’re there, the attorneys will huddle with the documents and we’ll draft the Motion to Vacate Sale and Final Judgment.

Now law enforcement may feel obliged to arrest protesters on arguably bank property, but I’d just love to see Sheriffs arresting people on the private property of a homeowner whose home was sold pursuant to a void or voidable judgment….which makes the Writ of Possession Void or Voidable.     The right person and family will come along.   It’s an elderly person or a struggling family with kids who has good records of attempts to work out a loan modification.   It’s a securitized loan or a Fannie or Freddie Loan.   It’s Deutsche Bank or Indymac.   It’s a Stephan affidavit.   It’s a lawsuit filed by David Stern, or Florida Default, or Marshall Watson, or Shapiro and Fishman.   It’s got service of process charges for Unknown Spouses and Unknown Tenants.   It’s Constructive Service of Process and an Avoidance Affidavit from a disabled or elderly person.   It’s got a Proof of Publication Affidavit that is illegally notarized.     When we find this case, we all know what to do……


(And save me a cot at the Concentration Camp…unless I get there first, then I’ll save one   for you.)

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