Foreclosure Defense Florida

Does the Defense of Foreclosures by Lawyers Border on the Unethical?

Wow, another mind bender here…that is a question asked by a retired federal judge…



I’ll post more later…I’ve decided to take a deep breath and wait before responding to things that make my head explode, but wasn’t this the country that felt that even rapists and murders deserved a defense?   Wasn’t there a document called the Consti-something or other?

Wasn’t there a Fourteenth Amendment?   Oh right, Was.

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  • Blue Floridian says:

    I have never seen a letter so fraught with schizophrenia. His major homage is to the rule of law but then he down plays the fact that affidavits were submitted without personal knowledge. Yes it’s fraud but but . Come on, this guy figured out which side his bread is buttered on and it’s not the homeowners providing his bread or butter.

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