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Does Anybody In This Country Care Anymore? Where is The OUTRAGE?

From a reader:

I am really wondering when there is going to be some sort of meaningful outcry by a large number of people.   Today 2 million more people lose jobless     “benefits”     and the Fed   announces that

Banks earned $14 billion from July through September this year.
I appreciate LEGAL arguments, discussions … even laws … but I have to conclude that none of this seems to matter (for the most part)   and   I am wondering how much longer will people remain inert and just   “take this crap” … I do not even believe that judges profit that much from their inadherence to the laws … I sometimes think we are most of us under some   “spell”   or mass hypnosis
Media has given MUCH attention to all of this illegal activity; Congress holds hearings; lawyers are screaming – there are some activists – but basically, the system proceeds as usual.  We’ve had our own version of WikiLeaks over a lengthy time – not just a few days or weeks.
How much money does one person need – how much dire poverty and need and despair can one see before he/she acts?
I can not reconcile, I can not justify that this situation is happening in the United States – this is simply too contrary to everything I have been taught, to all the beliefs instilled for years – this is not a few people – this is widespread, it is apparently ingrained and seems to be so stable that nothing will change it.   I do not trust laws now – and I’m an attorney – this is seriously undermining (not just to me personally).   I know that you are doing everything possible to get people to pay attention but I do not think that is sufficient   – even when people are paying attention and are finding flaws, either the   flaws are   “ignored”   or new schemes arise. I am thoroughly fed-up; I wish that I still believed that cogent legal arguments, that precedent mattered – I don’t. I thought awareness and education would make a difference – I do not now think that will matter, either.
I think I saw something you said to the effect we may as well give them whatever they want & shut up about it – they are taking it anyway. Maybe we have to be left with absolutely nothing before we will risk fighting back.


  • litgant says:

    Matt, people have been brainwashed that they cannot do anything. They have been told they did not make the payments therefore they deserve to be foreclosed upon. And the people have accepted this robo-judge thinking. Many do not know they were victims of fraud from the Realtor to the appraiser, to the lenders, to the securtized trusts, to the mortgage servicer, to the summons process servers, to the lost notes, to the fraudulent affidavits, to the false notarizations, and to the robo-judges. Americans have given up hope they can win against all the fraud and the corrupt courts. And when they read the legal rant of Chief Judge McGrady that was in the Tribune, they are additionally mind conditioned they have no hope. But justice seldom comes from a majority fighting, it always comes from the few who know they can win victory. Thanks to lawyers like you Matt we who are fighting have a sense that one day the evil being done in the court rooms across America will come to an end. Thanks Mr. Weidner for your great love of law and fairness. I am sure since you are in the circuit of the Chief Judge, you are under a microscope and under pressure. Thanks for not being a scarity-cat. We know you respect the judicary. But we also know you have little respect for robo-judges. And they do not deserve any. Thanks Sir.

  • Diana says:

    Matt, your doing a great job standing up for the rule of war, fighting the banks, defending the innocent, and educating us about current issues and important developments. Keep up the good work! Most of us out here, like you, are angry, frustrated and ringing our hands on a daily basis.

    The rule of law in society, as you know, is vital, otherwise there is anarchy. I think the banks have been deliberately waging war on the Common Law Right of Contracts. I may be wrong, but that’s what I think this is all about! But then, what do I know? Regardless, this is infuriating! Makes you wonder why any of us would want to obey any law!!

    Sometimes I wonder if writing congress even helps anymore. When writing my representatives, SPECIFICALLY about the banking fraud , I get no return response! I find it interesting I get responses on other subject matter, but have received NONE about the banking scam! I keep admonishing them to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States according to their oath of office!

    It seems like almost everyone in a position of power is afraid to go to the lengths needed to bring true justice to this issue! Just what are they afraid of, or worse God forbid, are they
    all beholden to the banks ?

    Besides the corrupt, greedy foreclosure sham, the other thing that irks me is the fraud and GRAND THEFT committed against our county coffers through the MERS scam! How do the citizens pursue a Class Action Suit against MERS and the “deadbeat” Banks for the thousands of dollars lost by our counties in unpaid doc stamps? If someone wants to start that suit, I’m in!

    Finally, Matt, we need more heroes like you and others in your profession, who are courageously, against all odds, defending the law and the truth. The American people are coming around, they are waking up more and more, the “line in the sand” has appeared, outraged voices are getting louder.

    When in time, history reveals the names of those heroes who stood for the truth and against tyranny, I am sure your name will be amongst them! Thank you! Thank you!

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